August 26, 2014

The Similarities Between Tom Brady and Colt McCoy

Obviously this is very very early and means very very little in the scheme of things.  Most of it is just pure coincidence and anecdotal.  Still, sometimes this stuff is more interesting than the things we can make up.  I know everyone wanted to talk about the Belichick vs. Mangini storyline last week and I refused to do it.  For one, the whole “spygate” affair isn’t our deal.  It happened with the Jets.  That wasn’t a crime committed against the Browns even if we have Mangini here now.  Still, let’s look at a couple things.

Bill Belichick was in his second season with the Pats when Drew Bledsoe got smashed running out of bounds.  Tom Brady replaced Bledsoe.  Eric Mangini is in his second season with the Browns.  Granted two quarterbacks had to go down in order for Colt McCoy to take over and Colt McCoy is a rookie whereas Tom Brady was in his second year.  Still, when Tom Brady started his first game for the Pats (not counting the game he took over where Bledsoe got hurt) he was 24 years and 58 days old.  When Colt McCoy started his first game for the Browns against Pittsburgh, he was 24 years and 42 days old.  I know it is completely stupid, but even the alliteration works. Brady and Belichick. McCoy and Mangini. [Read more...]

Colt McCoy’s TD Run and Josh Cribbs’ Block

It is after hours here at WFNY, but I thought you might all enjoy watching Josh Cribbs’ block that helped Colt McCoy get that first ever NFL rushing TD.  Go ahead. Watch it once or one thousand times.

Browns Surprising Everyone But Themselves

Take all the joy you had yesterday after the Browns game, subtract all of the surprise and you have what it feels like to be a fan of a good football team in the NFL.  If the Browns keep up this level of effort throughout the rest of the season and play with this much confidence, soon enough it will no longer be so surprising.  Your Cleveland Browns defeated the mighty New England Patriots yesterday and in such amazing fashion that absolutely nobody was calling it a fluke.  Boston Sportsguy was even blown away by it on Twitter.

“Tom Brady is getting BADLY outplayed by Colt McCoy. I feel like my whole life has been a lie.”

Speaking of Colt McCoy, I just don’t know what to say any more.  I keep trotting out what I think to be the truth regarding the quarterback situation.  I keep proclaiming that once all three QBs are healthy that there could be some honest debate about who will start.  I keep saying that I am not so sure we haven’t seen the last of Jake Delhomme this season.  As the weeks keep going, I feel better and better about the fact that there is no controversy.  I created that mantra because when quarterback play is bad, it is simply too easy to create controversy out of nothing.  Now, the Browns are getting competency out of the position and it is even easier to avoid controversy. [Read more...]

Video: Brian Daboll Gets CRUSHED by Joe Thomas

The Browns have stunned the Patriots 34-14.  There will be analysis later. For now, the video of the day has to be Brian Daboll celebrating and getting smashed by Joe Thomas.  Daboll was celebrating a Peyton Hillis TD that iced the victory for the Browns.

Pre-Game Intel: Patriots vs. Browns

When and Where: Sunday November 7th, 2010 – 1:00 PM – Cleveland Browns Stadium – Cleveland, OH

Overview: Everyone in the national media wants to continue the Mangini vs. Belichick storyline for this game.  And now for something completely different.  I couldn’t possibly care less about that storyline.  Belichick’s run here in Cleveland is long since forgotten by pretty much everyone not named Tony Grossi and Bernie Kosar.  I mean, we still remember it, but as fans, I get this feeling that most of us have bigger fish to fry with our current team with our current staff.  The last thing I truly care about is what the handshake will be like between the two at the end of the game.

The Browns have a difficult task ahead of them.  The Patriots have the very best record in the NFL at 6-1.  They have had a medium schedule so far, I would say.  They have beaten Cincy, Buffalo, Miami, Baltimore, San Diego and Minnesota, while losing to the Jets in the second week.  Tom Brady (Yankees fan, see pic) is their quarterback (duh.)  It almost seemingly doesn’t matter who departs from this team on an annual basis.

They re-tool on the fly.  Not that it matters to this week’s game, but how amazing is it that the Pats have two first round draft picks, two second round draft picks and two third rounders this season.  All it cost them was Laurence Maroney, an aging Richard Seymour and a cranky Randy Moss.  That, my friends is why I respect the hell out of Bill Belichick regardless of what his history with the old Cleveland Browns was.  The organizational efficiency is a thing to behold.

Anyway, onto the matchup for this Sunday.

[Read more...]

James Davis Gone as Browns Running Situation Clouds Further

Last night on Twitter, James Davis tweeted, “Finally was granted with my wish..”  A day after being a healthy scratch for the Browns in their victory over the New Orleans Saints, it wasn’t too difficult to figure out what his wish was.  Adam Caplan confirmed the move a few minutes later adding that the Browns signed Thomas Clayton off waivers from the Patriots.  This is the same guy that the Pats took from the Browns’ practice squad a few weeks prior.  It is also slightly ironic that the Browns took a runner from the Pats considering their running back situation might be one of the only ones in the NFL with more movement than the Browns this season.

Lawrence Maroney was traded from the Pats to the Broncos after he allegedly fell to fourth on their depth chart.  This week, the Pats’ carries all went to BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead while the ancient Fred Taylor is still nursing an injury.  So while the Pats are thin at running back, apparently their cast-off Thomas Clayton, who they signed on June 11th, was good enough for the Browns to snap up while releasing “Mr. Opportunity Session” James Davis. [Read more...]

Monday Football Notes

While we are all readying for whatever should occur tonight versus the Ravens, I have some random football-y things that occurred to me this morning and over the weekend.  Even with the Browns game not happening until Monday, it wasn’t like I was going to take advantage of unseasonably nice weather or anything.  Why would I, when the NFL was playing games?

Memories of Mondays Past

See that picture?  That was the pic I used for my Browns Bullet Points article following last year’s Monday Night Football game against the NY Giants.  That game also had the Browns coming off a bye week for the record.  That game was also the one that got Romeo Crennel the Motorola Coach of the Week award!  Have you stopped laughing yet?  I’ll wait.  So, that game seems like a long time ago, right? [Read more...]

Other Teams’ Players Get Infections Too?

Although the word staph is never mentioned in this post, it is morbidly refreshing to hear this story come out about Tom Brady a few days after Kellen Winslow’s statements about his infections.  You don’t root for anyone to be injured, but sometimes it feels like Cleveland is the only city that contracts infections after surgeries.  Tom Brady has received multiple treatments on his surgically repaired knee because doctors fear that the replacement ligaments could be in jeopardy.

Doctors are so concerned about containing the infection in Tom Brady’sleft knee they have performed three procedures in an attempt to eradicate it, according to a source familiar with the Patriots quarterback’s travails on the West Coast.

While Brady acknowledged on his Web site that he had one arthroscopic procedure done to “clean and to test the wound” last Wednesday, the Herald has learned there have been two additional procedures performed since that time, with the same goal in mind.

Brady, on his web site, stated that the infection is being treated aggressively with antibiotics.  Now, it is coming out that the Pats are very unhappy with this latest surgical revelation. [Read more...]

Oh, So THAT’S Why The Browns Lost

Patriots vs BrownsSpy Gate Hits Close To Home

I’ll be honest, I don’t remember anything about the Browns game in New England on December 9th, 2001. It was 7 years ago, and the if anything sticks out about the 2001 season, it was the following week at home against Jacksonville….the bottle throwing game (on a side note….why is it called the “bottle throwing game”? wouldn’t it make more sense to call it the “game where the refs called for a review after another play had already been run and thus cost the Browns the game and possibly a shot at the playoffs”? but I digress….). Well, as it turns out, that game against New England might have been important for a completely different reason.

According to an article on, the Patriots’ former video technician handed over several tapes of stolen signals that he recorded while working for New England. It caught my eye that one of the teams included was none other than our own Cleveland Browns. The sidebar in that article reads, [Read more...]

Another Weapon In The Arsenal

Donte StallworthBrowns Nab Wideout From The Patriots

It’s been a busy free agency period so far for the Browns. First, they re-signed running back Jamal Lewis. Then, as free agency opened, the Browns signed quarterback Derek Anderson to a 3 year deal. Next they traded for defensive lineman Corey Williams and defensive lineman Shaun Rogers. Now, GM Phil Savage has gone out and given the Browns’ QBs a nice new weapon to help out the offense even more. According to, the Browns have signed WR Donte Stallworth to a 7 year deal worth $35 million, $10 million of which is guaranteed. [Read more...]

GAMBLOG Picks Of The Week

GAMBLOG LogoPicks Of The Week – January 31, 2008

For those of you who may not be familiar with the GAMBLOG segment, it started at my old site when one of my friends and readers, Matt, approached me with the idea to write a weekly blog within my blog about his pick(s) of the week. I agreed that it seemed like a good idea, and so GAMBLOG was born. Now, I am bringing this feature over to the new site, so here we are with Matt’s picks. As always, should you choose to use these for any illegal purposes, you are doing so at your own risk. These picks are just for fun. [Read more...]