August 27, 2014

Report: Bill O’Brien to stay at Penn State

First came the revelation that the Browns have already interviewed Penn State’s coach Bill O”Brien, and then tonight the word comes that O’Brien has decided at the University-

The Browns are among several teams interviewing Chip Kelly tomorrow, including the Eagles and Bills at least.

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Supporting Austin Scott

Austin ScottWhile Mike continues to pound out excellent work regarding the recently drafted Browns players, The Sons of Nev have a pretty intriguing piece regarding Austin Scott – one of the seven players added post-draft. 

Scott, a son of the Big Ten, is one of the more-heralded running backs in recent Pennsylvania history, but as SoN discusses, he never really had the chance to shine.

Austin Scott is a Penn State graduate and was not drafted because he did not play the majority of his senior season for the Nittany Lions. He was dismissed from the team once he was charged with rape. This accusation effectively ruined his college football career, to say nothing of what it did to his reputation. Upon his arrival at PSU, Scott was one of the best running backs in Pennsylvania High School history, but never really had an opportunity to shine for the Blue and White, partially because of his performance, partially because all things being equal, Joe Paterno gives the playing time to the upperclassmen.

Thankfully, for Scott, all charges against the back were excused this past April.  I have no insight that I can offer to this kids talents as I have never seen him play.  But given what Sons of Nev has to say, I can’t help buy be intrigued about his future.  He’s likely to be very grateful to be given this chance – let’s just hope he capitalizes on the opportunity.

Player I’m rooting for: Austin Scott [Sons of Nev]