A week in the life of a Cleveland Browns fan

Cleveland Browns Fans

Browns fans are predictable creatures of habit. And the Browns are kind of like a bad habit.

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Peyton Hillis is salty about the Browns – WFNY Podcast – 2015-08-26

Peyton Hillis ESPN

Dave Sterling is back on the WFNY podcast with Craig. Not a solo podcast. Rejoice. Here’s what we talked about. Click here for the MP3 direct download. If you want to launch a podcast, this is a podcast gear guide I put together. Peyton Hillis saying the Browns lied to him Dead jerseys at the

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Peyton Hillis: Browns lied to me, turned the fans against me

Larry French/Getty Images

Tuesday marks the release of Madden NFL 16, which always inspires thoughts and writing about the video game’s cover athletes, past, present, and future. Madden has been around in various forms since 1988, and since 2001 the game’s cover has featured a prominent NFL player.1 The New York Giants’ Odell Beckham, Jr. gets the honors this year, continuing a proud

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Some details about Brian Hoyer’s Mr. Hero endorsement

Brian Hoyer Cleveland Browns

If you’re a Cleveland fan who lives in the area still, you’ve almost certainly scene or heard Brian Hoyer pitching for Mr. Hero. Darren Rovell has more on the story at ESPN. Mr. Hero, which has 95 stores (all in Ohio), signed Hoyer in the spring; the chain filmed TV and radio spots and allotted

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The Cleveland Browns’ All-Nickname Team

Frank Minnifield Hanford Dixon Cleveland Browns

Top Dawg, Touchdown Tommy and the rest of the Cleveland Browns All-Nickname Team

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Game 13 : Browns vs. Chiefs open thread


The Browns possess their first winning streak of the year heading into Sunday’s matchup vs. Kansas City. Cleveland has won two in a row, and four out of their last seven. The Brownies are 6.5 point favorites against the 2-12 Chiefs. The Chiefs have been the NFL’s worst team, but played their best game in a 27-21 win last week over

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Crennel told players not to respond to Joe Thomas comments

ESPN Cleveland’s Chris Fedor is reporting that in a team meeting this week, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel specifically instructed players not to respond to comments made by Browns all-pro Joe Thomas. Thomas described Chief’s running back Peyton Hillis’ time in Cleveland as “toxic”. Hours after the meeting, Hillis went to the Kansas City

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Chiefs vs. Browns Reader Survey


It’s a good thing I won’t be doing the pre-game television production for this game. Peyton Hillis (cannon sound effects.) Joe Thomas (fireworks noises.) Pat Shurmur (kazoo.) Romeo Crennel (sad trombone.) It’s the Chiefs and the Browns! Only on CBS! That’s just for the national audience. I know Browns fans are amped for this game.

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Peyton Hillis to Browns’ Joe Thomas: “Get over it”

Former Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hilis fired back at All-Pro offensive lineman Joe Thomas on Thursday, responding to allegations that the former Madden coverboy created a toxic situation during his contract dispute with the team. “He can have his opinions, but it’s kind of like a crazy ex-girlfriend,” Hillis said of Thomas’ remarks. “It’s

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Joe Thomas’ Peyton Hillis comments just felt like the truth


I was glancing through the headlines yesterday and today of all the places covering Joe Thomas’ comments on Peyton Hillis and something just didn’t sit right with me. ESPN said Joe Thomas “blasts” Peyton Hillis. Dawgs By Nature said that Thomas “Rips Into” Peyton Hillis. ESPN Cleveland said Thomas “tees off” on Peyton Hillis. This is

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Browns’ Joe Thomas calls Peyton Hillis’ time in Cleveland “toxic”

Hall of Fame-bound offensive lineman Joe Thomas pulled no punches this afternoon when describing his time with former running back Peyton Hillis, stating that the big-biceped back created a toxic environment in the Browns’ locker room. Per essentially every beat writer and radio/television reporter in Cleveland, Thomas stated the following: “I think it was better

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Browns fans can make Trent Richardson “Rookie of the Week”

This week I contrasted Peyton Hillis and Trent Richardson. One of the biggest contrasts was based on expectations. Specifically, I wondered if Trent Richardson had put up the same 1177 yards that Hillis did whether fans would have overreacted to the point they did in the Madden voting. Well, now’s your chance to start that

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Trent Richardson, Peyton Hillis and Watchable Football

Trent Richardson talking

For all the explosion that Trent Richardson was missing against the Eagles, he seemed to have in excess this week against the Bengals. Sure the numbers were great. Over 100 yards on the ground, over 35 receiving and a touchdown in either category, but it was what you can’t see in the box score which

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Two Cleveland Browns highlight Grantland’s “NFL Trade Value Rankings”

A couple of Cleveland Browns made the first list of NFL players ranked by level of trade value. The list has become a staple of Bill Simmons’ NBA coverage mostly due to the fact that the NBA is like the stock market. Let’s hope that this, combined with the moving of the trade deadline doesn’t

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Mike Holmgren changes Browns public relations course

Chuck Booms holding a birthday cake for Mike Holmgren? Who saw that coming? (Photo Chris Allen / 92.3 the Fan)

Up is down. Black is white. Dry is wet. Most importantly screaming is quiet. That’s what happened this morning when Mike Holmgren visited Kiley and Booms at 92.3 the Fan this morning for an interview. You know Booms as the screaming lunatic that has accused Mike Holmgren of not caring and just looking to collect

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Trent Richardson generating rookie fantasy excitement

Many Cleveland Browns fans have taken to their fantasy football teams for enjoyment since 1999 as the real Browns have struggled. For the first time in a long time, fantasy owners might just be looking to the Browns for excitement. Here’s the thing with Trent Richardson: He projects as a true workhorse running back in

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A Farewell to Armond Smith

06 4th Armond Fails

I don’t know if it is unique to Cleveland that Armond Smith could be such a big topic of conversation, but it sure feels that way. Smith was cut in favor of Adonis Thomas yesterday after apparently getting beat out in rookie camp with shorts on. This morning on Kiley and Booms I heard Bud

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Are the Browns overrating their own running backs?


One thing that persists as a dark cloud over the Browns is the wide receiver situation from last season. The Browns drafted Greg Little and brought in Jordan Norwood, but the statements that will forever hang in the air are words of confidence in a depth chart featuring Mohamed Massaquoi and Brian Robiskie at the

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A vote for Aaron Rodgers is a vote for the Cleveland Browns

Madden Cover Vote

I don’t believe in curses except when I do. I’ve said it a thousand times. Luck, jinxes and things of that nature are good in theory, but if they actually existed, I’d be a rich man because I would use them constantly for personal gain. Then again, if it doesn’t cost me anything to pretend

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Guessing what the Browns’ moves mean… so far

These are tea leaves

Even without a ton of movement in free agency, I think we’ve seen and heard enough to start at least making some educated guesses about what the Browns are thinking and doing. Please save me the cheap jokes about them doing “nothing” in the comments. Defensive line – Regardless of what you think about Frostee

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