August 16, 2014

Talking Browns with Mike Burgermeister (@jimkanicki) – WFNY Podcast – 2013-12-24

WFNY Podcast LogoThe very best Browns sports talk that money can buy, but you get it for free! I finally got Mike Burgermeister of back on the podcast to talk through the Browns’ miserable season. We talked about all the failings.

  • Cleveland Browns podcast with Mike Burgermeister (
  • The Joe Banner press conferences
  • How do the Browns show accountability in a year where nobody needs to be fired
  • The cap rollover money that Tom Heckert left $12 million
  • How does the NFL cap rollover work?
  • Counting the Cleveland Browns’ holes
  • Does D’Qwell Jackson hold the team back?
  • Fixing the offensive line
  • Offensive guard and whether the Browns can fix it in a year
  • Not having scouts in the room
  • Barkevious Mingo and whether or not the Browns should have drafted him
  • How many games did the Browns think they could win?
  • Do you like the coaching staff?
  • Chud was their third choice
  • Did Banner turn off Chip Kelly?
  • How desperate are the Browns going into next year?
  • Could the Browns franchise either Alex Mack or T.J. Ward?
  • The Browns’ 3-4 and whether they like Ray Horton’s version of it
  • Colt McCoy is still better than Brandon Weeden

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Sports TV for an hour and no Browns highlights

Your lone necessary highlight from yesterday

We all know yesterday’s game was kind of boring as far as NFL football games go. Maybe it was the weather, but regardless, there was basically a lone highlight in the game as the Browns punted nine straight times during the 7-6 victory over the Chargers. Even still, I was riding my exercise bike this morning on a pretty nasty, wet day outside, and flipping around between ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN News, and NFL Network, I didn’t see Trent Richardson’s 26-yard scamper even once. Maybe they showed it somewhere and I just missed it in my flipping, but I was also looking at those ubiquitous scrolling timelines that tell you what highlights are on the way, and I never saw it there either.

This isn’t a complaint about ESPN or NFL Network, specifically. I could lobby a lot of complaints about them in general,1 but I am not critical of them here. The Browns game was decidedly boring yesterday even if I’m elated that the team came out with the victory. I expect Browns fans and media to talk about how much tougher the Browns were mentally than the Norv Turner / Phillip Rivers-led team from San Diego. While Brandon Weeden was content to throw the ball away and just not turn the ball over, Rivers was screeching like a banshee and tossing could-be arm punts into the air.2 I don’t expect the national coverage to care much about it. Those are “deep cuts” in the wider NFL world. That doesn’t mean there isn’t demand for it in Cleveland. [Read more...]



  1. I might start by saying that the NFL Network needs to start over completely with NFL AM, their morning show. It is abysmal. []
  2. Whoever came up with the term “arm punts” deserves many many awards. []

Browns Survey Results: Browns beat Chargers

44% of Browns fans predicted a home victory in the rain for the Browns over the Chargers. Well, most Browns fans probably didn’t predict the rain so much. After the scores were averaged, Browns fans predicted that the Browns would lose 25-22. The spread is alright, but nobody seemed to know just how badly the weather would derail both offenses. So, how about the rest?

First up, Brandon Weeden was sacked twice. He seemed more under pressure than any other time recently, but I give the guy credit for taking good care of the ball when there wasn’t anything there.

[Read more...]

Chargers vs. Browns – Reader Survey

It’s that time of week again. Last week we had over 250 people weigh in and we’ve had about that pretty much every week. I think it only gets more and more interesting to see how Browns fans react to maybe the most inconsistent team we’ve seen since 1999. I know that’s saying a lot, but it seems to me the sense of disappointment over this team right now reflects an optimism that they actually could be better. I don’t think that sense of potential has always been there with the various Browns rosters over the years.

NFL Draft: Bullet point thoughts on RG3 and the Browns

On a day where I’m having trouble thinking about anything but the crazy news out of the next town over from me, I am trying to distract myself with RG3 stuff.  And I find it all confusing.

  • I’ve said it before, and I know the logic isn’t sound, but I have a lot of trouble figuring out how it makes sense to trade up with massive compensation for the Rams for the consensus second best quarterback in the draft.
  • The logic stinks because some years Eli Manning and Phillip Rivers come out together and everyone wins. [Read more...]

Colt McCoy’s Interceptions Are Not Out of Control… Yet

Colt McCoy has thrown two brutal interceptions in the last two weeks.  The Browns were in precarious spots both times.  Against Cincinnati this weekend the Browns were driving toward the red zone and were clinging to a three point lead when McCoy threw as he was hit.  It was probably about five yards in bounds and about ten yards short of Greg Little.  McCoy would later say he was trying to throw it out of bounds, but there is no excuse for turning the ball over in that situation.  The week prior in a win over Jacksonville Colt McCoy threw an interception from the Jax six yard line as a linebacker jumped in front of a pass intended for Ben Watson.  It was an ugly one with the game tied up at 7 in the third quarter.  Those types of interceptions in particular seem especially inexcusable considering game situations and location on the field.  That being said, interceptions are going to happen to every QB on occasion.  So, is Colt McCoy’s interception rate a problem?

One thing we’ve definitely learned from Tim Tebow is that stats aren’t always the most meaningful measures for football players.  Well, unless you’re talking about wins and losses.  Even then, while wins are the most important stat, they can’t tell the story of an NFL QB any more than they can for an MLB reliever.  I decided to delve into the stats a bit to see how Colt McCoy’s interception rates stand up to the rest of the NFL. [Read more...]