WFNY Roundtable : Browns hope to be Bronco busters

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Can Josh McCown and the Browns offense score against Denver’s defense? And will the Browns defense be able to keep Peyton Manning down?

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Recapping a Brownsish loss to the Chargers was kind of fun – WFNY Podcast – 2015-10-04

Dwayne Rudd last minute losses

The Browns lost in a Brownsish way so Dave and Craig talked about it.

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Talking Browns with Mike Burgermeister (@jimkanicki) – WFNY Podcast – 2013-12-24

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The very best Browns sports talk that money can buy, but you get it for free! I finally got Mike Burgermeister of back on the podcast to talk through the Browns’ miserable season. We talked about all the failings. Cleveland Browns podcast with Mike Burgermeister ( The Joe Banner press conferences How do the

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Sports TV for an hour and no Browns highlights

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We all know yesterday’s game was kind of boring as far as NFL football games go. Maybe it was the weather, but regardless, there was basically a lone highlight in the game as the Browns punted nine straight times during the 7-6 victory over the Chargers. Even still, I was riding my exercise bike this

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Browns Survey Results: Browns beat Chargers

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44% of Browns fans predicted a home victory in the rain for the Browns over the Chargers. Well, most Browns fans probably didn’t predict the rain so much. After the scores were averaged, Browns fans predicted that the Browns would lose 25-22. The spread is alright, but nobody seemed to know just how badly the

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Chargers vs. Browns – Reader Survey


It’s that time of week again. Last week we had over 250 people weigh in and we’ve had about that pretty much every week. I think it only gets more and more interesting to see how Browns fans react to maybe the most inconsistent team we’ve seen since 1999. I know that’s saying a lot,

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NFL Draft: Bullet point thoughts on RG3 and the Browns

RG3 Browns

On a day where I’m having trouble thinking about anything but the crazy news out of the next town over from me, I am trying to distract myself with RG3 stuff.  And I find it all confusing. I’ve said it before, and I know the logic isn’t sound, but I have a lot of trouble

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Colt McCoy’s Interceptions Are Not Out of Control… Yet

Colt McCoy has thrown two brutal interceptions in the last two weeks.  The Browns were in precarious spots both times.  Against Cincinnati this weekend the Browns were driving toward the red zone and were clinging to a three point lead when McCoy threw as he was hit.  It was probably about five yards in bounds

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