Ted Ginn returning to the Carolina Panthers


The Cleveland Browns were considering bringing former Ohio State wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. back to his hometown of Cleveland Ohio, but it seems that the veteran ultimately will be returning to Carolina. According to the Charlotte Observer and their sources, Ginn is headed back to the Panthers after his stint in Arizona with the Cards. Ted Ginn


Nobody’s safe in the NFL and nothing is sacred

Cleveland Browns Joe Thomas

Part of the reason that the signing of Josh McCown was such big news in Cleveland is because it meant the end of Brian Hoyer. As a player, there’s nothing worth talking about with Brian. Even as I’ve supported him as a player, I only did so while acknowledging that in a given year, he could


Thoughts on the signing of Josh McCown

Brian Hoyer Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns’ signing of Josh, rhymes-with-brown, McCown has set off another round of eye-rolling, smirking and comments of consternation. I’d like to take a stab at trying to approach it from another direction. But first, an anecdote from the 2014 season: After the Browns convincingly defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-10, I took a peek


Should the Browns draft a receiver in round one? While We’re Waiting

Cleveland Sports

It’s Friday and I’m writing this one really early because I have plans on Thursday night. I have no idea if the Cavs or Buckeyes won their games last night, but I’ll try and entertain you for a bit while you, you know, wait… To receiver or not to receiver… Obviously the Browns need to


For the Browns, draft season is THE season

Cleveland Browns

What’s your favorite sport? Baseball? Basketball? Or the NFL Draft? Such is the state of Cleveland football that fans are heard to say after the NFL’s regular season ends, “Now the fun starts, getting ready for the draft.” So, this is for fans like “Neil from Cleveland” who asked recently on a sports call-in show,


Watch Eric Metcalf beat the Steelers with two punt return TDs


A blast from the past, it feels like I’ve probably even posted this before, but I don’t care. Back on October 24, 1993 Eric Metcalf returned two punts for touchdowns against the hated Pittsburgh Steelers. The Browns finished that season 7-9, but they won that game 28-23. And Metcalf’s 75-yard return for a TD was


Video: Browns win over Steelers results in this sad fan’s recap

Photo by @sportdesign on Twitter

The best part of the Cleveland Browns’ win over the Pittsburgh Steelers used to be Browns fans enjoying the week. That enjoyment took a different level after I saw this video of a Steelers fan losing it on his team. “Offense terrible! Defense terrible!”


Browns demolish Steelers 31-10! Tweets of the game

The Browns took a 21-3 lead into halftime after a slow start. The injuries were starting to pile up. 3rd Quarter The Browns and Steelers traded punts for a bit. The Browns couldn’t take advantage of having the ball back to start the third quarter. Isaiah Crowell was having none of it though. 24-yard run


Browns lead Steelers 21-3 at the half – Tweets of the game

Browns Tweets of the Game

In lieu of an in-depth first half recap, I decided I’d catalog some of the best Tweets as the action happened. I’ll have a game recap when it’s all over. 1st Quarter Steelers vs. Browns brings out all the stars. Here’s Dustin Fox who apparently found “Papa John” Schnatter. Cleveland, Papa John is in you.


Watch Jordan Cameron’s long TD catch from Brian Hoyer


The Browns went up on the Steelers 14-3 in the second quarter after finally finding their tempo on offense. All the failed rushing attempts weren’t for nothing though. The Browns used play-action perfectly to find Jordan Cameron twice. He merely set up an Isaiah Crowell running TD on the first touchdown. He wouldn’t let himself


Ben Tate won’t require surgery for injured knee


There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is Ian Rapoport is hearing that Ben Tate will miss between two and four weeks with his knee strain. The good news is that his knee strain is just that. Not a tear or anything that will require surgery. What is the timeline for injured #Browns


Browns fall just short to Steelers, lose 30-27


The Cleveland Browns looked like a team that was even worse than the Browns we traded in the last time they were in Pittsburgh and lost 20-7. At the end of the first half, I thought for sure the Browns had made a massive mistake when they started over again and fired Rob Chudzinski, Norv


Ben Tate out, Isaiah Crowell arrives


The Cleveland Browns not only trailed massively at the end of the first half, but they also lost their first string running back Ben Tate to an apparent knee injury. #Browns RB Ben Tate has knee injury. Return questionable. Was hurt on his best run of day. — Scott Petrak ct (@ScottPetrak) September 7, 2014


Browns trail Steelers 27-3 at the half, lead in fan misery


The Pittsburgh Steelers aren’t that good. They didn’t really improve their roster as they waved goodbye to veterans. And yet, the eight-win Steelers plastered the Cleveland Browns in the first half of the first game of the 2014 season. The Browns got down 27-3 in the first half. Three touchdowns and a two field goals