August 26, 2014

WFNY Discussion: Dion Waiters’ shooting at the rim

As you may know from being a WFNY reader, the WFNY writers have a daily email chain that can linger on and on. Sometimes, we’ll discuss prom jokes and other unsurprisingly immature topics for a group of 10+ males. But also, we really have some great discussions off the cuff about sports. Today, we bring you inside the WFNY email thread for a stats-based discussion about Cavs rookie Dion Waiters.

Jacob: Here’s your stat of the day y’all: (Source: HoopData as of games played on 12/10)

Of all 174 NBA players with at least 35 FGAs at the rim this season, Dion Waiters ranks LAST in shooting percentage at the rim at 41.2% (28-68). The average of these 174 players is 64.7% (44.6-69.0). The average of the 59 guards in this list is 60.9% (40.3-66.2).

Of the 59 guards, Waiters ranks in the top-fifth (No. 11) with 15.7 FGAs per 36 minutes.
Of the 59 guards, Waiters ranks in the upper-half (No. 23) with 4.5 FGAs at the rim per 36 minutes.
Of the 59 guards, Waiters ranks in the bottom-eighth (No. 8) with a 44.5% efg. [Read more...]

Luke Walton won’t travel with Cavs Friday

Cavs Luke Walton will not travel with the team to Champaign, IL for their game against Chicago on Friday due to a left hamstring strain. For those who were looking to see what Walton can do for this re-building, up-start Cavaliers team will just have to wait a bit longer to see how the veteran fits in.

All of this is tongue-in-cheek of course. Everyone knows Walton is here because his salary helped match the deal and the Cavaliers’ real compensation for Ramon Sessions and Christian Eyenga was the 2012 first round pick from the Lakers. That turned out to be Tyler Zeller after spinning that pick with the Dallas Mavericks.

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Report: Former Cavalier Ramon Sessions will opt out of Lakers contract

Back in March the Cavaliers traded PG Ramon Sessions to the Lakers for a 2012 first-round draft selection which turned out to be pick number 24. Also included in the deal are Cleveland’s Christian Eyenga and Los Angeles’ Luke Walton and Jason Kapono. Kapono was bought out of his deal. Walton’s contract expires at the end of next season.

Sessions has a player option for next season at $4.5 million, and several were critical of the Cavaliers for making the move.

The Lakers failed to get to the NBA Finals with Sessions, and now it appears they will not have his services next season. According to Sessions’ agent (via Sam Amico), Ramon will test the free agent market-

“Ramon Sessions will opt out of his contract with the Lakers, his agent @Jkarnes1 says via Twitter.”

The Lakers will end up with some luxury tax relief from the deal, but little else to show for it. The Cavaliers on the other hand, have an extra asset in the 24th pick. They can choose a player (like Fab Melo for example) or package the pick for something else. Sounds like advantage Cavaliers to me.

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While We’re Waiting… Tressel Anniversary, Irving’s Rookie Year, MLB Draft, Buckeye Champs

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One year ago on Memorial Day, everything changed for the Buckeyes. This column looks at the year of chaos in college football beginning with the Vest’s departure: “But few in Columbus, Ohio, ever will forget Memorial Day 2011, even if they’d like to. That morning, Jim Tressel resigned under pressure as Ohio State’s coach, nearly three months after admitting he had failed to provide information about Buckeyes players receiving improper benefits from a local tattoo parlor owner.

Five weeks earlier, in what turned out to be his final major public appearance as Buckeyes coach, Tressel, known for his trademark sweater vest, wore camouflage pants, desert boots and a camouflage hat during Ohio State’s spring game as a tribute to the military. Then, on a day dedicated to U.S. military members who made the ultimate sacrifice, Tressel, one of the nation’s most decorated coaches, stepped down from his post in disgrace.” [Adam Rittenberg/] [Read more...]

While We’re Waiting… Attendance woes, Ubaldo’s mechanics and Alonzo Gee’s future

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Everyone is talking about the Tribe attendance- “But really, when it comes to the Tribe and attendance, not much surprises me. The Indians, even with the 30-15 start last year, finished with the seventh-lowest attendance mark in the Majors, were dead last in 2010, were fifth-lowest in 2009 and were 22nd out of 30 a year after reaching the ALCS.

This is what’s called a trend, and it’s part of the package here in a town that’s endured declining population and economic downturn and really doesn’t have baseball on the brain. It should surprise absolutely nobody that the city that ranked first nationally in TV ratings for the NFL Draft is the same city that ranks 30 out of 30 in MLB attendance, because this is a Browns town, through and through, and the once-in-a-lifetime Indians sellout streak of the 1990s was the product of a combination of unique factors (no Browns, strong economy, new ballpark, great team, downtown renaissance, etc.) that will never combine again.” [Castrovince/] [Read more...]

Cavs Officially Waive Kapono, Sign Harris

The Cleveland Cavaliers have officially signed guard Manny Harris for the remainder of the 2011-12 season, Cavaliers General Manager Chris Grant announced today. Per league and team policy, terms of the contract were not announced. Additionally, the Cavaliers have waived forward Jason Kapono.

Harris most recently completed a second 10-day contract with the Cavaliers on March 11th. He has appeared in three games with Cleveland this season, totaling nine points and two rebounds in 20 minutes. Prior to being signed by the Cavs, Harris played in 17 games (12 starts) this season with the Canton Charge, the Cavaliers exclusively owned and operated NBA Development League team. Harris averaged 21.4 points on .470 shooting with 7.9 rebounds, 3.3 assists and 1.7 steals in 32.9 minutes per game with Canton.

Kapono was acquired on March 15th as part of the trade in which the Cavaliers acquired the Los Angeles Lakers’ first round pick in the 2012 NBA Draft (lottery-protected), Luke Walton, the right to swap their least favorable first round pick in the 2013 NBA Draft with the Lakers and cash considerations from the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for guard Ramon Sessions and guard/forward Christian Eyenga.

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While We’re Waiting…Grading The Sessions Trade, Tribe Bullpen Battles, Browns Quarterback Questions

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Grading the Cavaliers’ trade of Ramon Sessions: “I was on the fence about their move of Sessions, because I’m so high on him. Yes, he was expiring and would be leaving. Yes, they only had 20-some-odd games left with him. But couldn’t they get better value than terrible contracts with another year left on them and a 25-plus pick? Then I thought more about it, and saw that the Cavs also got the right to swap their Heat pick obtained in the LeBron James sign-and-trade in 2013 with the Lakers’ pick, which could be substantially worse if the Lakers don’t improve considerably on their older core.

The Cavs now could have four first-round picks in 2012 and more picks in the future. They can package to move up or for a player. If yoiu’re rebuilding, this is the way to go. Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, and picks on picks on picks.

It’s a big-picture plan, and a good one.” [Eye On Basketball/Matt Moore]

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Sessions Trade the Latest Exercise in Chris Grant’s Regimen

As another trade deadline came and went, Cleveland Cavaliers general manager Chris Grant sat before the media collective and discussed his most recent bout with franchise yoga. After weeks of unrolling the team’s proverbial mat, discussions of potential poses and the deflection of all distractions during the methodical inhales and exhales, the team left its second consecutive trade deadline more financially flexible than when it arrived.

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While We’re Waiting… Grading the Sessions trade, Masterson dominates and WFNY sitting with the President?

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“In the end, the Cavaliers certainly made the right move. They traded an expendable player in Sessions for an essentially certain first round pick in 2012 and a nice draft ability in 2013. They had to take on a bad contract in Walton, but that doesn’t really have any impact on the Cavs cap situation. This was a classic case of both teams getting what they wanted. The Lakers needed Sessions — the Cavs didn’t. Sessions’ absence allows the Cavs to give more minutes to Kyrie while probably losing a few more games and improving their own lottery position. It is now clear that the Cavs front office is not short-sighted in this rebuilding process. They are not gunning for the 8th seed this year, but rather accumulating assets to make this team competitive in the long term. I wholeheartedly support this approach. ” [Kaczmarek/Fear the Sword] [Read more...]

Trading Ramon Sessions was the right move

The Cavaliers today moved Ramon Sessions and Christian Eyenga to the Los Angeles Lakers for Luke Walton, Jason Kapono and LA’s first round draft pick.

We’ve discussed trading Sessions before, and while everyone agrees that Sessions is the ideal back-up point guard, the fact remains he likely would have opted out of his contract at the end of the year. He can start for a lot of teams, including the Lakers. It is hard to imagine Sessions sitting behind Kyrie for another season.

The Cavaliers will now have two first round picks, their own and wherever the Lakers finish. Currently, those two picks would be #8 and #25 just based on standings- obviously the lottery pick could end up being in the top 3. They also have two second round picks, their own and the Hornets’ second rounder. Those picks would be #33 and #38 right now.

That’s 4 picks in the top 38. And let’s be honest, the Cavs pick will likely improve by moving Sessions. The Cavaliers are a slightly weaker team on the court today than yesterday. [Read more...]

Breaking: Ramon Sessions Traded to Lakers for Future Draft Pick

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers have agreed to terms to exchange point guard Ramon Sessions for a 2012 first-round draft selection. Also included in the deal are Cleveland’s Christian Eyenga and Los Angeles’ Luke Walton and Jason Kapono, all players being forwards.  The pick obtained by the Cavaliers will be protected within the top-14 selections.

Sessions had averaged 10.5 points and 5.2 assists for the Cavs this season. Eyenga had averaged 1.5 points and 2.0 rebounds in six games. Kapono has tallied 2.0 points per game while Walton averaged 1.3 points and 1.6 rebounds in nine games and is slated to make $6.1 million in 2012-13.

As things currently stand, the Cavs will enter the 2012 draft with four selections, two first-rounders (including the Lakers’ pick) as well as their second-rounder and one obtained from the New Orleans Hornets, via Miami, included in the trade for LeBron James. In 2013, the Lakers obtain the right to swap with the Cavaliers’ first-round selection obtained from Miami in the same deal.

This deal is first reported by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst.

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NBA Trade Rumors Swirl as Raps Top Cavs

Prior to Tuesday night’s contest between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors, ESPN’s Marc Stein set the e-world ablaze, adding Ramon Sessions into a line item of column pertaining to the NBA’s trade deadline. Sessions, per Stein, would be heading to the Los Angeles Lakers, LA would send a draft pick to Houston and the Cavaliers would receive point guard Jonny Flynn.

Alas, the Lakers would be willing to part with a draft pick, but it wouldn’t be coming to the Cavaliers. Flynn has long been on the radar of the Cavaliers front office as the team attempted to acquire him in the summer of 2010. Helping matters is the fact the player and his contingent of representatives would love to get him out of Houston where he is buried behind Kyle Lowry and Goran Dragic. The beneficiary of a team option, one which Houston has already decided to not pick up, finding a team that would be willing to pay the $4 million option would be in the best interest of Flynn, averaging 3.1 points and 2.1 assists per game this season.

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While We’re Waiting… Kyrie Irving is Good, Cavs Don’t Need Cap Space, Mark Cuban’s Gay Joke, and Going Against the Holmgren Rule

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Kyrie Irving: good at basketball. “Now, Irving and Thompson both live in apartments in downtown Cleveland, carpooling to practice in the suburbs. On game days, they drive 25 minutes to Krispy Kreme, where they fetch doughnuts for their teammates.

The Cavaliers are trying to treat them like 19-year-old rookies instead of franchise saviors. But Irving makes it hard sometimes, averaging 18.6 points and 5.2 assists per game, and nailing three game-winning shots, including Wednesday night’s end-to-end layup in Denver. He stands out even in this era of the point guard. Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook may be more explosive drivers, and Rajon Rondo and Ricky Rubio more telepathic passers, but today’s best young point guards are often unreliable shooters.

Irving separates himself because, in addition to his driving and passing, he shoots 48.3 percent from the field and 41.2 percent from three-point range. Not only is he better than his peers from the field, he is more than nine percentage points better from three. Rose is obviously stronger and Rondo probably quicker, but defenses cannot sag off Irving, so he has extra room to penetrate. [Lee Jenkins/]

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Hollinger: Cavs Should Trade Sessions and Gibson in Three-Team Deal

In his first of eight trades that should happen before the March 15 NBA trade deadline, ESPN’s John Hollinger states that the Cleveland Cavaliers should send guards Ramon Sessions and Daniel Gibson to Portland.

It’s who they get back that may surprise Clevelanders. Per Hollinger’s latest PER Diem:

Ramon Sessions and Daniel Gibson to Portland; Jamal Crawford and Greg Oden to Minnesota; Luke Ridnour, Anthony Tolliver and $3 million to Cleveland

There’s been a lot of talk about trading Crawford for Ridnour, and that makes a lot of sense, but I like this one a little better. Sessions is a better player with a shorter contract, and his ability to play the pick-and-roll would help a Blazers offense that’s had some troubles under Raymond Felton’s leadership.

Crawford would be perfect in Minnesota, where he can play mostly off the ball but take turns running the point with the second unit. He can opt out after the season, and probably will, but he’d help the Wolves’ playoff run and they’d have a shot at re-signing him if it goes well.

Ridnour makes some sense in Cleveland, where he makes less money per year than Sessions and could slide in nicely as a steady backup to Kyrie Irving. The Cavs would also get paid, and they would accomplish that by dumping Gibson (owed $2.5 million guaranteed next year) on the Blazers, taking back the expiring deal of Tolliver and getting $3 million from the Wolves to pay the final year of Ridnour’s deal.

On the cover, it’s tough to say what the Cavaliers would be getting out of this deal. Sure, Ridnour “makes sense,” but trading two quality guards — one who is an immense fan favorite — for parts, an expiring deal and additional money doesn’t appear to be the best available offer. The Cavaliers continue to be in the hunt for draft selections. Anything of this ilk screams doing a deal just for deal’s sake.

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While We’re Waiting… Tons-o-love for Kyrie Irving, trading Sessions, and appreciating Manning

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“I sat on my couch last night feeling completely confident that he was going to score again after the Denver Nuggets regained a one-point lead in the final seconds. After watching Kyrie Irving just convert two three-point plays prior to that last opportunity, there was no doubt in my mind that he had one more in him. Not just one more shot, or one more basket, but one more winning play than the other guy’s got. However many plays that calls for. Just as soon as I felt this air of confidence fall over me, for what felt like the first time in my Cleveland sports fan life, he raced from one end of the court, to the other, and scored again. ” [Brendan/Stepien Rules] [Read more...]

The Cavaliers and Cleveland Fans Very Familiar With NBA’s Trade Deadline

March 15th is the trade deadline in the NBA this year. As Cleveland fans, we are quite used to rumors and speculation throughout the month of February. The Cavaliers have been heavy players at the deadline for a number of years.

In fact, it would seem strange if the Cavaliers weren’t involved in trade discussions. This year the tables have turned a bit and the Cavaliers are sellers instead of buyers. We’ve been through the Anderson Varejao discussions already this season, and his injury coupled with outstanding play this season have pretty much ruled out the Cavs moving the Brazilian big man. The Cavaliers would have to be blown away to let Andy go.

Antawn Jamison is the team’s second-leading scorer behind Kyrie Irving at 17.3 points per game and just over 6.5 rebounds. He also has an expiring contract that would have been like gold previous to the new collective bargaining agreement. Now with the amnesty clause and a few other tweaks, that expiring deal is less attractive. The Cavs would have to really like a young player to take on salary to match the equivalent of Jamison’s $15 million. Contenders aren’t exactly lining up to snatch the 36-year-old volume shooter like they were when the Cavaliers acquired him two years ago. [Read more...]

Vescey: Cavs “Swamped by Calls” Heading in to NBA Trade Deadline

In his lastest column for the New York Post, Peter Vescey states that the Cleveland Cavaliers once again find themselves in the middle of several trade discussions. While Orlando’s Dwight Howard remains the most-coveted pending free agent, it sounds like Cleveland’s Ramon Sessions is the Plan B for several teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers who are reportedly doing “some fast talking.”

Certainly, salary cap space is playing to Cleveland’s advantage.

Having $7.1 million in cap space, Vescey states that Chris Grant and his staff are receiving plenty of teams looking to move draft picks if the Cavaliers, who are “swamped by calls,” are willing to take on an additional contract or two.  Within the last 24 hours, reports surfaced surrounding the Atlanta Hawks looking to move Marvin Williams’ $7 million dollar contract.

While Houston’s Kyle Lowry or Portland’s Raymond Felton are also on Los Angeles’ radar, the cap space posessed by Cleveland make any discussed trades that much easier to complete. It is expected that all trades the Cavaliers make will either involve additional financial freedom or additional draft selections, preferably in the first round.

The 2012 NBA trade deadline is March 15.

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NBA Trade Rumors: Hawks Interested in Ramon Sessions?

With Cleveland’s reserve point guard Ramon Sessions playing at a very consistent and productive level through the compressed 2011-12 campaign, suitors are rumored to be lining up to hopefully acquire his services prior to the mid-March trade deadline.

The latest rumor has the Atlanta Hakws —  looking to move small forward Marvin Williams — in the mix as they would like to upgrade their backcourt in hopes of another playoff run. Their current point guard, Jeff Teague, is averaging 12.2 points and 4.4 assists in 34 minutes per game. Sessions is averaging 5.5 assists per contest in three fewer minutes. Williams is averaging 9.0 points and 5.3 rebounds per game.

A Williams-Sessions trade would reunite the wing with a man responsible for drafting him with the second-overall pick in 2005 in Chris Grant. The rub in this specific instance would be that Williams, an upgrade over Omri Casspi, albeit marginal, is making over $7 million this season and would require additional assets from the Cavaliers if a deal were to go down; Sessions is making just over $4 million and, despite the team being under the cap thus skirting dollar-matching guidelines, it’s difficult to envision a scenario where the team would be willing to take on additional obligation.

The Los Angeles Lakers have also expressed interest in Sessions.

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(Source: Bob Finnan)

While We’re Waiting… Spring training news/speculation and Cavalier trade options

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Defending the Sizemore signing- “Maybe the Tribe could have used the Sizemore savings in other areas, such as increasing their offer to first baseman Carlos Pena. They reportedly offered Pena $8 million to come to Cleveland, and he opted instead to sign with the Rays for $7.25 million. Maybe if they threw a couple more million on the pile, they could have reeled him in. But then you have to ask yourself if Carlos Pena is worth eight figures. The long-winded point here is that there are any number of opportunities the Indians could have explored beyond Sizemore, but none of them strike me as particularly appealing. And none of them featured the kind of upside the Grady deal presented (and perhaps, depending on the severity of this back situation, still presents).

No, if you want to criticize the Indians at this point, criticize the system, not the signing. This club simply did not infuse enough quality outfield talent into its system through the Draft and trades to come to the forefront in times like these.” [Castrovince/CastroTurf] [Read more...]

It’s a Shame, but the Cavaliers Need to Trade Ramon Sessions

Sessions' time in Cleveland may be ending soon

The first half of the NBA season is now complete for the Cleveland Cavaliers. They now will enjoy a nice 5 day break (except for Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson, who will partake in some of the festivities in Orlando) for the All-Star Break. When they come back next Tuesday, they will play two games back to back nights, and then that is it for February.

It’s hard to believe March is right around the corner already, but even more surprising is how quickly the NBA trade deadline will be here. March 15 is just 21 days away, which means Chris Grant and company have just 21 days to decide the future for several players.

We’ve already debated trading Anderson Varejao, and Antawn Jamison is an obvious trade target due to his contract status. But the one player who the Cavaliers absolutely must trade is Ramon Sessions. It’s just too bad they have to do so.

There are actually a few decent reasons not to trade Sessions. The Cavaliers will probably never find a better backup PG than Sessions. You want to know a big reason why the Cavaliers are such a competitive team this year? It’s being able to have a player like Sessions fill in for Kyrie Irving when he goes to the bench. The losses of Anthony Parker and Daniel Gibson would have been much more brutal for the team if they didn’t have a versatile PG who could also coexist in the backcourt with Irving to trade off PG/SG roles. [Read more...]