Ray Farmer spoke, but what did he say?

Ray Farmer Cleveland Browns NFL Trade Deadline

Cleveland Browns general manager Ray Farmer spoke with the press on Tuesday, marking what was the mid-point of the season. Interestingly, a lot of the chatter I’ve been hearing the last day or so is that the press conference was a misstep. A lot of really good local media members are reading between the lines on comments


Greg Little is talking a lot about the Browns heading into Thursday

Greg Little Cincinnati Bengals

I was one of Greg Little’s defenders. Yes, the dropped football jokes were fun, but they were really just recycled versions of the even more fun Braylon Edwards jokes. In the end, Greg Little was a second round pick, converted receiver coming off a year of inactivity. He was a relatively decent guy who wanted


Gilbert, Desir and veteran additions give Browns depth in secondary

Pierre Desir has an incredible backstory. Born in Haiti, Desir found himself a standout athlete with a pregnant girlfriend at age 15. He didn’t back away from his responsibilities, and went to small Lindenwood University while he took care of his wife and family, including working part time jobs that included removing human feces. Despite


Willie Snead and the elusive undrafted starter

Willie Snead

Willie Snead IV is making his presence felt in training camp with the Cleveland Browns. On Monday the wide receiver had a short catch that he turned into a long touchdown after making an adjustment at the line and getting on the same page with quarterback Brian Hoyer. As he exploded into the end zone, Snead couldn’t stop bouncing


Browns issue statement on status of Jason Pinkston


Jason Pinkston was not in camp yesterday with the Browns. As the day wore on and as media asked media relations folks first, coach Mike Pettine second and GM Ray Farmer third with very little comment, it turned into a small issue. Pinkston is one of the nicest and most outgoing Cleveland Browns on social


Terrance West mocks injury reports on Twitter

Terrance West Browns Running Back

A source is quoted by the Cleveland Plain Dealer that Terrance West has been put on the non-football injury list due to a failed conditioning test, but that was quickly disputed by the Browns’ rookie runner on Twitter. Lol I passed my conditioning test. You people stop making up your own stories. — TWEST (@Terrancewest28)


T.J. Ward talks about Denver’s winning culture vs. Cleveland experience


Whether or not the Browns will miss T.J. Ward as they welcomed Donte Whitner as his replacement this off-season is up for debate, but I tend to think the Browns will be just fine. That says more about Whitner than it does Ward, but there’s little doubt that you’d have to assume T.J. Ward and


Cleveland Browns sign cornerback Aaron Berry

Aaron Berry

The Cleveland Browns are kicking the tires on cornerback Aaron Berry. The Browns signed him today and GM Ray Farmer made the announcement. “Aaron Berry gives us both depth and competition at corner, and has the potential to upgrade our kicking game,” Farmer said. “He’s tough and relentless and his strength prior to his injury


Counterpoint: Let the Johnny Manziel era begin…As a starter

Johnny Manziel SI cover

In a recent post published within the confines of this here website, WFNY’s Craig Lyndall laid out his reasons why Johnny Manziel should start his season on the bench. It’s a popular school of thought that I tend to agree with 99.9 percent of the time—putting the rookie in the backup role gives the newbie a


Ray Farmer adamant that Brian Hoyer will start over Johnny Manziel

Johnny Back-up is very, very real. ESPNCleveland.com Browns blogger Tony Grossi of did a 10 question segment with Cleveland GM Ray Farmer, and there were some enlightening moments for fans. Farmer is obviously excited about all of his draft picks, but he indicated Browns fans should watch out specifically for Joel Bitonio to surprise us all


Ray Farmer isn’t playing, podcasts, and soccer free kicks… While We’re Waiting

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Ray Farmer isn’t playing around! I can be miserable and critical and awful with the Browns at times, but that’s only meaningful if I can be honest when I’m happy about something. I know for a fact that everything Ray Farmer is doing won’t work, but all you can guarantee is the effort and how you


Peter King details Cleveland’s trade to move up to No. 22 in NFL Draft

Looking for some insight into how crazy things can get when an NFL team is officially on the clock during the NFL Draft? Sports Illustrated’s Peter King details—in what was nearly a minute-by-minute breakdown—what went in to Cleveland Browns’ GM Ray Farmer making the move that ultimately landed them Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. The [Philadelphia] Eagles,


The ends don’t justify means in Peter King’s defense of Joe Banner and Michael Lombardi

Joe Banner

Peter King is one of the best NFL writers in the nation and as a national guy his perspective can sometimes be instructive to help local fans take blinders off. As a follower of the Browns, it’s pretty easy to lose perspective on the more overarching story-lines that make up an NFL season or era


Trader Ray

The 2014 NFL Draft has come and gone with the Cleveland Browns adding six new players to the team. The team made headlines throughout the weekend (especially with the selection of quarterback Johnny Manziel) but what may be the real story is that the Browns were very active throughout the draft making five trades and


Johnny Manziel’s workout with the Browns “was a mess”


In what is a very Cleveland-heavy Monday Morning Quarterback from Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, the long-time reporter reveals that Johnny Manziel’s workout with the Browns, just 19 days before the NFL Draft, was an absolute mess. The Browns must have really loved the Manziel tape—because his workout with Cleveland brass 19 days before the draft


2014 NFL Draft: Scott Raab talks Johnny Manziel, Josh Gordon and the Sin Tax – WFNY Podcast – 2014-05-10

WFNY Podcast Logo

A lot of people asked for it, and I got the fateful text last week that said Scott was ready and had something to say! In all seriousness, I loved talking to Scott Raab every week and I love talking to him whenever I get the chance to now. With the Johnny Manziel draft pick


Video: Browns running back draft pick Terrance West runs and runs and runs

Browns helmet

It’s that time of year. We get to watch obscure game action spliced together with a soundtrack on YouTube. This time it’s Towson running back Terrance West who tore up lesser competition. Still, I was paying close attention to the highlights that occurred with snow on the ground.