August 26, 2014

NFL Week 1 – Previewing the Dolphins vs. the Browns – WFNY Podcast – 2013-09-06

WFNY Podcast LogoWeek one is finally here! Craig and Andrew break down the matchup week one between the Cleveland Browns and the Dolphins.

Ravens vs. the Broncos
The value of Anquan Boldin
What do you make of the Dolphins?
Can the Browns come out and take care of business week one
Moving on after the departure of Reggie Bush
Browns leading by playing defense and running the ball  [Read more...]

Week 3: The Browns Will Win If…

The Browns are in the win column, hooray! What’s that? The Colts are dreadful? Don’t harsh my buzz. The important thing is that the Browns *should* have won that game, and they did. And, they did it with defense, for the most part. They never let the Colts get into the end zone until the end, which was a death-by-a-thousand-cuts time bleeding drive. Granted, I thought back to that 2001 Bears game which ended up being an overtime loss, but I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been constantly dumped on your entire sports life by a team/franchise.


I copy/pasted last year’s post code into this one, and I can’t bring myself to take this line out: “First and foremost, how angry does that Dolphin look? I mean, man. I thought Snowflake in Ace Ventura was a nice, happy dolphin. As Lenny in The Simpsons once said, they’re the clowns of the sea! I digress…” The Dolphins are 0-2, but they have played two pretty decent teams in New England and Houston. They’ve put up pretty solid numbers offensively, averaging 271.5 yards through the air and 125.5 yards on the ground. Their problem has been defense: in their two games they’ve allowed 967 yards in offense to their opponents. So, the question will be: can the Browns keep up offensively? The weather looks to be lousy today and tomorrow, but should clear up on Sunday. If that changes, it will be interesting to see how it affects the game. Without further ado…

The Browns Will Win If…

Saints Provide Cleveland With Keys to a Super Bowl

reggie_bush_draft_195As most Browns fans are aware, their team is now one of four teams remaining in the NFL that have never been to the Super Bowl.  Two of the teams are modern era expansion teams in the Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans, the third is our friends up north in the Detroit Lions.  And while the Browns find themselves drafting in the top 10 spots once again come April, fans should remember that the Saints were there not all that long ago. 

In 2005, the New Orleans Saints finished the season 3-13.  Two of their wins were by the skin of their collective teeth, and seven of their losses featured point totals less than 14.  Sure, they were playing for a city that was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, and played their home games at Louisiana State’s Tiger Stadium.  But they were also a team that was led by quarterback Aaron Brooks and a pair of 33-year olds in Antowain Smith and Joe Horn.  Their defense was a bit of a disaster aside from a guy that was drafted one year prior in Ohio State’s Will Smith.  There were rumors that the team would move, and few wanted to help rebuild the franchise.

Four seasons later, the Saints are lifting the Vince Lombardi Trophy thanks to a few successful draft selections and key free agent additions. [Read more...]