August 26, 2014

Braxton Miller finishes 5th in Heisman voting

Ohio State sophomore quarterback Braxton Miller finished 5th in the voting for this year’s Heisman Trophy. The star of Ohio State’s undefeated team received three first place votes.

Texas A&M redshirt freshman quartback Johnny Manzel won the award, collecting 456 first place votes. Manzel is the first “freshman” to win the award.

Some Things Old, Some Things New, and the Cavs Lose

LeBron JameNew look Cavaliers look like old look Cavaliers at times as they drop their season opener to the Boston Celtics 90-85.

For one half Tuesday night, the Cavaliers looked like true title contenders. They came out strong jumping to a 12-4 lead early and rode their early success to a 50-43 halftime edge over the reigning NBA Champs on Ring Night in Boston. Then, a familiar thing happened….the 3rd quarter.

The Cavaliers reverted right back to old form in the 2nd half last night, using questionable lineups, shoddy defense, sloppy rebounding, stale offense, and giving away turnovers as they allowed the Celtics to gain a lead they would never again relinquish. In the end, it all added up to a 90-85 loss for the Cavaliers on a night which initially looked like it was time for the Cavaliers to make a statement.    [Read more...]