Match ‘Em Up: 5 Fired Browns Coaches, 5 Front Office Quotes

Browns Fired Coaches Quotes

WFNY celebrates another Cleveland Browns detonation with a trivia game! Can you match the front office quote with the fired coach it referred to?

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A week in the life of a Cleveland Browns fan

Cleveland Browns Fans

Browns fans are predictable creatures of habit. And the Browns are kind of like a bad habit.

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Joe Banner to ESPN as NFL Insider beginning September 3

Joe Banner Cleveland Browns

Joe Banner back y’all!

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Debate Day: The Best Browns Coach Since ’99

Cleveland Browns best worst coach debate

As a seemingly bottomless pool of Republican presidential candidates descends on Cleveland for the first big debate of the 2015-16 election season, WFNY has decided to host its own panel of vaguely familiar, easily scrutinized authority figures — similarly eager for your approval and re-consideration. Yes, on one conceptual stage, we’ve managed to gather all

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Joe Banner, the 3-4 versus the 4-3 and agent Jimmy Sexton

Jimmy Sexton Hire My Clients 595

One of the scariest things for Browns fans in the transition from Mike Holmgren to Joe Banner was Banner’s decision to switch defenses. It isn’t that Cleveland Browns fans have that much of a preference, other than they have a preference against switching schemes all the time. You know, continuity and all that? The Browns

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Cleveland Browns don’t get a second chance at a first impression


I really wonder how much of Joe Banner’s legendary arrogance is dripping over in Berea right now. We’ve all heard the stories from Philly about power struggles and ego that I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to assume the Browns are operating with a fair amount of arrogance, do you? How else can

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NFL News: Kellen Winslow Jr. suspended four games for performance enhancing substances

Former Cleveland Browns first round draft pick tight end Kellen Winslow has reportedly been suspended for four games for violating the NFL policy on performance enhancing substances. It was just this past week that my Twitter timeline came alive as Jon Gruden called Kellen Winslow a good story on Monday Night Football. Apparently it was

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Cleveland Sports Life Boat – Browns Head Coaches

Browns Coach Life Boat

I am a huge fan of the Ron and Fez show on Sirius XM Satellite radio. They do a bit on the radio called life boat, and I’m borrowing it for Cleveland sports. Here’s how it works. There are four people and only three seats remaining on the life boat. You must work your way

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Browns fans are very familiar with ugly season-ending games


So who is the backup for the backup? As Scott told us today, Thad Lewis, recently called up from the practice squad, got the first team reps today in Berea. That’s right. Not Brandon Weeden with a bum shoulder. Not Colt McCoy, also with a bum shoulder. Thaddeus Lewis. Just a reminder, Lewis is a

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Crennel told players not to respond to Joe Thomas comments

ESPN Cleveland’s Chris Fedor is reporting that in a team meeting this week, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel specifically instructed players not to respond to comments made by Browns all-pro Joe Thomas. Thomas described Chief’s running back Peyton Hillis’ time in Cleveland as “toxic”. Hours after the meeting, Hillis went to the Kansas City

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Chiefs vs. Browns Reader Survey


It’s a good thing I won’t be doing the pre-game television production for this game. Peyton Hillis (cannon sound effects.) Joe Thomas (fireworks noises.) Pat Shurmur (kazoo.) Romeo Crennel (sad trombone.) It’s the Chiefs and the Browns! Only on CBS! That’s just for the national audience. I know Browns fans are amped for this game.

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Quinn: Romeo Crennel has been a “steady force” in wake of tragedy

Romeo was huge [this past week] — he was kind of that steady rock. In the midst of everything, he obviously witnessed it so he knew he had to put it on himself to not only communicate what happened, but at the same time, lead us because there was going to be so much emotion

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Francona, Scott, and Gruden? Could You Imagine?

Terry Francona

Think back to 2008. It was a year removed from one of, if not the best year in the history of Cleveland sports. The Browns were coming off a 10-win season. The Indians had just won the AL Central and finished a game away from the World Series. The Cavaliers still had LeBron James and

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Bills vs. Browns – Reader Survey


Last week Browns fans thought the team would lose 24-20 to the Bengals. In the end the Bengals won 34-27. All things considered, that doesn’t seem like an awful prediction. The Browns finished within a score even if everyone scored more than Browns fans thought they would. So this week, the Browns have the Bills

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Colt McCoy Through the Lens of Brady Quinn


Browns fans are understandably terrified of a QB controversy. The days of Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn (not to mention Charlie Frye) will do that to you. I’ve already been on record that I think it is a possibility that Colt McCoy might beat out Brandon Weeden, at least initially, because of his experience in

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While We’re Waiting…Grading The Sessions Trade, Tribe Bullpen Battles, Browns Quarterback Questions


While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at Grading the Cavaliers’ trade of Ramon Sessions: “I was on the fence about their move of Sessions, because I’m so high on him. Yes,

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While We’re Waiting…Quiet Browns Offseason, Indians Offseason Improvements, Romeo Crennel Returns!

While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at Can there really be such a thing a a quiet offseason in Browns town? “When did this become Browns fans’ last stand at the

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Former Brown Says Mangini “was a bad head coach.”

Vince Grzegorek at Scene posted a quote yesterday from a former “player” for the Cleveland Browns, Nate Jackson.  You don’t remember the tenure of Nate Jackson as a member of the Cleveland Browns?  I am guessing I might be able to find him if I search old roster moves on, but he doesn’t have

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For the Browns, Pat Shurmur’s Debut Just the Latest In a Long Line of Rough Starts

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. The Cleveland Browns, coming off a couple disappointing seasons, make a coaching change. The new coach comes in, the front office is happy, the players are excited about the change, the fans are fired up with all the hope and optimism that this new coaching regime is

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Time to Forget the Wildcat

I know it seems like I am really trying to rain on Josh Cribbs’ parade lately, what with my talk about kickoffs, etc.  I still love Josh Cribbs as a player and certainly as a Cleveland Brown off the field.  Unfortunately, I need to say that the wildcat formation is over.  You never want to

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