August 26, 2014

Brad Childress: ‘There are a lot of times … that I don’t look at halftime stats’

During his usual Thursday news conference, Browns offensive coordinator Brad Childress was badgered with questions about the team’s run/pass imbalance thus far on the season. His answer to checking the balance of playcalling may surprise you:

(On if seeing an imbalance in the run and pass in the first half affects how he calls the second) – “Not usually, because we’re tending to script our openers. It takes us through the first quarter, sometimes into the second quarter. We have a pretty good sense of where we’re at. It’s not like one of those ‘Hey, let’s throw it, throw it, throw it, throw it’, or ‘let’s run it, run it, run it, run it.’ We’ll never get into that. There are a lot of times, Tony (Grossi), to be honest with you that I don’t look at halftime stats. You’re doing it by the way you feel like you need to play to win the game.”

(On if he’s ever surprised when he sees the stats) – “I’m never surprised. There are times I think I’ve told you, that you guys were talking about numbers of plays for Trent when he first came back. We’re mindful sometimes of things like that. Sometimes we’ll count carries or touches, but that certainly hasn’t been the case for the last three weeks.”

Tony Grossi, the former Plain Dealer reporter and current ESPN Cleveland scribe, later penned an article with these quotes saying that this play-calling discrepancy “makes no sense.” This particular comment also was a hot topic on 92.3 The Fan on Friday.

According to Team Rankings, the Browns currently rank third in the league by passing on 69.2% of their offensive plays this season. Only New Orleans and Oakland have passed it more. The Browns also lead the NFL with a 73.4% mark in the past three games, something Childress specifically pointed to in his comments.

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