August 26, 2014

Browns LB Scott Fujita Rips NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

The NFL has announced new suspensions for participants in the Saints’ bounty scandal. Among them, current Browns linebacker Scott Fujita has been handed a 1 game suspension. And while the league seems to acknowledge Fujita was not a participant in the bounty scandal, he is still being suspended for 1 game for not speaking up (or something like that).

Obviously, this does not sit well with the beleagured linebacker, and on Wednesday, Fujita fired back at the commissioner, calling him out for his abuse of power and condescending tone. Speaking to the media before practice, Fujita said:

“Additionally, I am now purportedly being suspended for failing to confront my former defensive coordinator for his inappropriate use of language. This seems like an extremely desperate attempt to punish me. I also think it sets a dangerous precedent when players can be disciplined for not challenging the behavior of their superiors. This is an absolute abuse of the power that’s been afforded to the Commissioner.

For me, the issue of player health & safety is personal. For the league and the Commissioner, it’s about perception & liability. The Commissioner says he is disappointed in me. The truth is, I’m disappointed in him. His positions on player health and safety since a 2009 congressional hearing on concussions have been inconsistent at best. He failed to acknowledge a link between concussions & post-career brain disease, pushed for an 18-game regular season, committed to a full season of Thursday night games, has continually challenged players’ rights to file workers compensation claims for on-the-job injuries, and he employed incompetent replacement officials for the start of the 2012 season. His actions or lack thereof are by the league’s own definition, ”conduct detrimental”.

My track record on the issue of player health & safety speaks for itself. And clearly, as I just listed, the Commissioner’s does too.”

No word yet on whether Fujita will appeal this suspension.

David Bowens Named AFC Defensive Player of the Week

Anyone who would have bet on David Bowens for player of the week honors any time this season would have been committed for insanity.  The old vet, Bowens, was once thought to be on the bubble of making the Browns’ roster.  Now the 33 year-old has won this week’s honor after doubling his career interception total by adding two this week at the expense of Drew Brees of all people.  For Bowens it also adds two touchdowns to his resume that used to have none.

The real ripoff is that Reggie Hodges didn’t earn the special teams nod from the league.  Steelers’ returner Emmanuel Sanders gets it after amassing 144 yards on kickoffs.  He had two long returns of 37 and 48 yards.  Seems impressive right?  Wrong.  Reggie Hodges ran once for 68 yards.  68 is a bigger number than either 37 or 48 in case you didn’t know.  In addition to that heroic run, Hodges averaged 42 yards per punt with two inside the 20 and a long of 53 yards.  What was Emmanuel Sanders’ longest punt last Sunday?  He didn’t kick the ball even once, you say?  I rest my case. [Read more...]

Browns Shock the Saints 30-17

This is why you can’t just look at the schedule at the beginning of the NFL season and count wins and losses in order to figure out how the team will do.  Who would have thought after a week of concussion and injury talk that the Browns could go into New Orleans and take down the world champions in convincing fashion from wire to wire?  Who would have thought the Browns would put together a conservative gameplan to protect their rookie quarterback and still find a way to get the job done?  They play the games for a reason, and the Browns threw everything including the proverbial, clichéd kitchen sink at the Saints.

Let’s count up all the trick plays.  Josh Cribbs throws a cross-field lateral to Eric Wright on his first punt-return attempt of the game, which Wright returns to the N.O. 19 yard line.  Reggie Hodges runs a fake punt up the middle for 67 yards (see picture.)  Peyton Hillis passes the ball to Colt McCoy for 13 yards and a first down.  On top of that David Bowens had two interception returns for touchdowns.  The Browns led the league this week in trick plays and gimmickry.  But who cares?  The Browns take a victory into the bye week and have created some scary game film for future opponents. [Read more...]

Pre-Game Intel – Browns vs. Saints

When and Where: Sunday October 24th, 2010 – 1:00 PM – Superdome – New Orleans, LA

Overview: They are the champs.  The New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees won the Super Bowl in case you forgot.  Maybe someday a Browns quarterback can pose for a picture like Brees is going on the right.

A couple weeks ago, it appeared that like many teams that play that many games in a prior year that the Saints had a bigtime hangover.  They were 3-2 and in the games they won, their margin of victory was 10 points.  Like, for all three games.  Five point win against Minnesota, three point win against Frisco, and a two point win against Carolina.  Add in a three point loss to Atlanta and a ten point loss to the Cardinals and rookie QB Max Hall and Browns fans could have been thanking their deity of choice that the Saints weren’t the same team that won it all a year ago.

Well, then last weekend when the Browns were getting injured further in Pittsburgh the Saints were getting it together in plastering the Buccaneers 31-6 on the road.  Drew Brees hit on some really big plays and they plastered the Buccaneers.  Great.  Just in time for the Browns to find themselves licking their wounds on the road in the dome!

[Read more...]

NFL Free Agency: Browns Add Pashos and Fujita

nfl_g_fujita_195 Ronald Martinez GettyThe Cleveland Browns have announced that they have added Tony Pashos and Scott Fujita to the roster.  Pashos is a right tackle most recently on the bench in San Francisco after getting a broken shoulder in October of 2009.  Pashos will certainly compete for the right tackle position this upcoming season, if not be the starter already.  In his press release, Holmgren stated that Pashos would compete both inside and outside on the offensive line.

Scott Fujita is an even more interesting signing if you ask me.  Fujita is experienced, big, and has been a playmaker over his career.  I won’t sit here and try to tell you he is one of the greatest linebackers of all time, but it is possible he comes in with the best pedigree since Jamir Miller, and without the mileage of Willie McGinest when he showed up in Cleveland in 2006.  The 8 year veteran is 30 years old, has 19 career sacks and 5 career interceptions. [Read more...]

Pre-Super Bowl NFL Notes

nfl-logoThe Browns have been out of it for what seems like an eternity.  Josh Cribbs is in his hotel in Miami prepping for the Pro Bowl.  All that we really had to cheer for last week was against people.  But I am going to go out on a limb and guess that you are all still watching some NFL.

On Overtime…

The Saints vs. Vikings game went into overtime and all of a sudden the world explodes into “controversy” about whether the current system for deciding tied NFL games is suitable.  Everyone goes to the stats to decide whether it is “fair” or not.  The thing that occurs to me is that it has to be fair because everyone (other than Donovan McNabb) knows the rules that govern the overtime before going into the game.  Don’t want to go to overtime?  Try going for two a couple times during the game.  I honestly don’t really care if the NFL changes the overtime rules or not.  I am willing to listen to anything.  At the same time, I just don’t find the current system to be anywhere near the “travesty” that many are making it out to be. [Read more...]