August 26, 2014

Scott Raab in a happy podcast about the Browns and Tribe! – WFNY Podcast – 2013-09-30

WFNY Podcast LogoScott and Craig have their first of (hopefully) many really happy podcasts. I admit that I was practically giddy talking about the Tribe game on Wednesday.

Can Scott Raab be happy when Cleveland sports enables him to do so?
Criticism vs. love and all the emotions in between
The amount of hate in love and lifelong commitment
“Please stay away, don’t come back”
Interviewing Patrick Stewart and racing home for the Tribe game
Scott streamed the Browns even though he swore them off
The Muni Lot and the the 7 AM opening time
Tailgating in your living room the night before the game
The “here we go Brownies” chant and how it’s been a parody because the team hasn’t won
Brian Hoyer and his overwhelming competence on the field
Brandon Weeden and the position he was put in
The effect of confidence and calmness
Naming the starting quarterback for Thursday
Trying to find long-term referendums from short-term results
Holding the front office accountable for the Trent Richardson trade [Read more...]

Scott Raab talks about LeBron’s MVP, Questlove, Tribe winning streak and cheap hotels – WFNY Podcast – 2013-05-06

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I was a bit tired this morning and you’ll just love how I sputter out at the end with an awkward laughing at myself moment. Really though, a very nice conversation this morning about sports and culture and Questlove, who Scott spoke with for the most recent issue of Esquire.

  • Scott Raab talking to Questlove

  • People who work hard vs. people want you to think he works hard

  • Behind the Q&A with Questlove

  • Questlove and D’Angelo’s last minute show

  • The Roots in Philly

  • LeBron’s MVP and just how far away it is from a Cleveland storyline

  • LeBron not winning his 5th MVP because of The Decision

  • LeBron is even better today than he was

  • The burned jersey and how it represents us

  • Reactions and whether you should feel badly about it

  • San Diego and just how perfect it is

  • Developing the lakefront in Cleveland

  • The Cleveland region

  • The Indians winning streak

  • Chief Wahoo

  • Terry Francona and faith in coaching for the first time since Charlie Manuel

  • Charlie Manuel as one of the greatest hitters ever

  • Omar Vizquel’s hitting improvements under Charlie Manuel

  • Cheap hotels in the Poconos

  • The wonder of travel

  • The wonders of modern technology and how lucky we are to live in the future

  • Profiling Dan Patrick for Esquire [Read more...]

Is There Any Hope Beneath the Frustration for the Cavaliers?

I keep trying to tell myself to remember that it’s still early in the season. And then I quickly try to forget that fact.

It’s far too early in the season to be this frustrated. Particularly when none of us expected the Cavaliers to be any good this season anyway. I predicted before the season that this Cavaliers team would be absolutely atrocious on the defensive end. So why am I so frustrated and angry when my watching it come to fruition on the court? I don’t know.

Here’s what we do know, though. The Cavaliers are 5-21 on the season. In his 2+ years at the helm, Byron Scott now has a record of 45-129. That’s a win percentage of 25.86%. The Cavaliers’ win percentage this season is 19.2%. Only one team in the NBA has a worse record than Cleveland. The Cavaliers are 23rd in scoring, and 23rd in opponents’ scoring. 26th in offensive efficiency and 27th in defensive efficiency. 27th in eFG% and dead last in opponents eFG%. They have exactly two players with an Efficiency Rating about 13 (where 15.0 is average). [Read more...]

Byron Scott’s Praise for Gibson’s Defense More Than Just Lip Service

Among the many new changes we can expect to see with the beginning of a new regime under Byron Scott, one of the most important will be the new roles and expectations for different players. This means more to Daniel Gibson than perhaps anyone else on the team.

Lost at the end of Mike Brown’s bench for years for reasons that are still not entirely clear, Gibson has been vocal all summer in expressing his excitement about the new opportunities he has to win over a new head coach. For his part, Byron Scott has echoed that excitement in seeing how he can use Daniel Gibson on this year’s team.

This potential for an increased role on the team has been covered ad nauseam over the past couple weeks, but it was something Byron Scott said about Gibson before the first preseason game that caught some people’s attention. For all the aspects of Gibson’s game that people talk about, defense is not one that he’s known for. However, prior to the preseason game Tuesday Byron Scott called Gibson the team’s best perimeter defender. [Read more...]

Brian Shaw Close To Becoming Next Coach of the Cavaliers?

It hasn’t been easy.

There was some belief that the Cavaliers might have made a mistake by not having a replacement ready when they fired Mike Brown. Well, in many ways, they did have their replacement lined up. It was supposed to be Tom Izzo. However, once Izzo turned the job down, the Cavaliers were stuck back at square one.

It appeared for a while that Byron Scott was the front runner and would likely be the next guy offered the Cavs job. When rumors of Phil Jackson pondering retirement began to spring up, though, things were once again brought to a halt as two of the Cavs’ candidates, Byron Scott and Brian Shaw, were also candidates to be Phil’s replacement.

This is pretty much the story of how the Cavs’ offseason has gone. The whole thing has been one massive tangled web. [Read more...]