Browns coaching selection game: Conspiracy, Snark, or Rational?

Jimmy Haslam Cleveland Browns

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, to the annual January game show of Guess the next Browns coach. We apologize the 2015 version was canceled as we had some technical difficulties, but we do hope you enjoyed the Shanahan Slide Show followed by Extreme Offensive Staff Remodel in its place. Jimmy Haslam’s tenure 2013:

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Saints vs. Browns preview with Andrew Juge – WFNY Podcast – 2014-09-11

WFNY Podcast NEW

Andrew Juge @SaintsNationBLG invited me to discuss the Browns on The Saints Nation and I asked him to come talk about the matchup on the WFNY Podcast. Here are some of the things we discussed. The Saints opening week loss to the Falcons Drew Brees as he gets to his mid-30’s Rob Ryan love in New Orleans

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NFL News: Seneca Wallace signs with Saints for one year

The news had it that Seneca Wallace was visiting the Raiders and somewhat close to coming to agreement, but that must not have been the case. Seneca Wallace reportedly signed with the Saints today on a one-year deal. Assuming that Seneca Wallace is officially a backup and only a backup, you have to think New

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Browns fans shouldn’t pay for Saints bounty program

Scott Fujita, DeMaurice Smith

As the New Orleans Saints scramble to make plans for Sean Payton’s year off from the game (possibly by talking to Bill Parcells) the players who played with the Saints from 2009 – 2011 wait for punishments to be handed down. As is the case with Scott Fujita and the Browns, they have to wait

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Punishment fits the crime in Saints case

Goodell Saints

When the “bounty” program that the Saints were running came to light, I was one of the first ones to wonder what the big deal was. I would never claim that a bounty system is legal or even ethical, but in a game where it is a defense’s primary objective to use physicality to stop

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Pre-Game Intel – Browns vs. Saints

When and Where: Sunday October 24th, 2010 – 1:00 PM – Superdome – New Orleans, LA Overview: They are the champs.  The New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees won the Super Bowl in case you forgot.  Maybe someday a Browns quarterback can pose for a picture like Brees is going on the right. A couple

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