August 26, 2014

SI’s Seth Davis Talks Blogs and MSM with WFNY

Over the past two weeks, there has been plenty of discussion surrounding blog ethics (The Blogs with Balls 3.0 convention in Chicago), mainstream media reaction to said blog reports and if the two sides are still drawing closer and closer to each other as they had been for the majority of the last half decade.  Buzz Bissinger’s latest column at The New Republic is just another board in the bridge between the new mediums, but that was just one man’s thoughts.  Thankfully, WFNY had the recent pleasure of discussing the two sides with CBS analyst and Sports Illustrated’s Seth Davis – a man who was also one of the louder voices in the more recent debate.

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While We’re Waiting… Mike Holmgren Rumors, Rose Bowl Chances, and LeBron’s Future

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Mike Holmgren Browns“The only real question is if Holmgren wants to take the desk job, just for the sake of having a job in football as soon as possible, or if he wants to wait for a head coaching gig. Obviously, if Holmgren did take this job, it would be possible to fire Eric Mangini and take over as the Browns’ head coach, but Browns owner Randy Lerner is reportedly content to give Mangini a chance to prove himself as the head coach. It would be a pretty bold move for Holmgren to take over and immediately fire the head coach.” [Matt Snyder/NFL FanHouse]

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Cleveland Answered Sal Fasano’s Prayers

Sal Fasano, EmoFewer athletes are admired for being a “person” more than journeyman catcher Sal Fasano.  Tribe fans should remember his handlebar moustache that sat in our dugout for a good portion of last season. 

SI’s Jeff Pearlman has an amazing piece on the current day Fasano that I could blockquote to death.  Instead, I’ll show you this one bit and let you read the rest for yourself…

Last season, being called up by the Cleveland Indians in June was an answered prayer…

The rest of the piece is pretty tear-jerking.  You rarely get to hear stories about players who actually play the game as a job, grinding out veteran minimum-type paychecks, and spending the majority of which on health care staples that you or I would also choose to furnish via our weekly wage.  You know, as opposed to lavish vacations and/or a garage full of cars?  Check it out via the link below.  You won’t be disappointed.

Journeyman Sal Fasano tried to hang on one more year for son []