Josh McCown has taken a beating in 2015

Josh McCown has played well, but he’s also paid a steep physical price so far in 2015.

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Browns ABC’s: Another Bruised Coach, Week 7

Things are not looking up for Mike Pettine.

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The 2015 Cleveland Browns still have something to prove

McCown down for the count

The Cleveland Browns aren’t winning the Super Bowl, but their season isn’t over yet.

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Cleveland Browns Week 7 Winners and Losers

Josh McCown Cleveland Browns St. Louis Rams

The image above says it all.

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70 Years Later: The Cleveland Rams’ Epic Farewell… And Return


The Hollywoodesque history of a rivalry nearly forgotten.

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WFNY Roundtable: Browns need to reach Ramming speed

Getty Images

Can the Browns contain Todd Gurley? Slow down the Rams pass rush? Get after Nick Foles? Find a useful receiver beyond Travis Benjamin and Big Play Gary Barnidge? We dive into the nitty gritty of Browns-Rams.

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Things of note in the Avon police blotter – Browns Friday Fumble


Bring on the Rams!

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Mike Pettine discusses frustration with the Browns’ struggling run defense

Cleveland Browns Tashaun Gipson Donte Whitner

Mike Pettine knows the Browns run defense needs to improve.

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Which sport sucks the most? While We’re Waiting…

Cleveland Sports

Happy Wednesday, Blawg Pound. The Cleveland Indians baseball club sure played a game last night in Boston. A day after Danny Salazar twirled seven innings of one-run ball en route to an 8-2 victory, Trevor Bauer was chased away in the second inning as the Tribe lost to the Red Sox 9-1. Eduardo Rodriguez scattered six

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Browns reportedly offered No. 19 pick for Sam Bradford

Phillip Taylor,  Sam Bradford, Harvey Dahl

In the end it really doesn’t matter what the Browns tried to do. This pertains to Larry Fitzgerald and also Sam Bradford. The information about what they’ve attempted to do is interesting in many ways, but it’s not proof of anything, nor does it give the Browns a pass if and when they fail. I’m

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Browns poor preseason doesn’t guarantee regular season failure


There’s nothing concrete that I can point to that will make Browns fans feel any better heading into the final preseason game and then Week 1’s contest against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The team has performed badly and it would appear that they’re completely unprepared to start the season. It would appear that this Browns’ preseason

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Preseason Game 3 Preview: Cleveland Browns vs. St. Louis Rams

Even after last Monday night’s lackluster passing performances by Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel, head coach Mike Pettine called for an end to the quarterback competition, naming Hoyer the starter. Whether you believe the he “won” the job rather than had it handed to him, only one thing seemed clear: Manziel is not ready to

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2014 NFL Draft: Johnny Manziel, Josh Gordon, Michael Sam and Don Jones – WFNY Podcast – 2014-05-12

WFNY Podcast Logo

It’s been quite a while since I talked to Jon on the podcast, but I asked him to keep tabs on the NFL draft as a passive Browns fan who is married to a real Browns fan. We ended up talking a lot about draft value, trades, Johnny Football, Josh Gordon’s impending suspension and the

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Bernie Kosar arrested on alcohol suspicions

Reports out of Solon say that Bernie Kosar was taken to jail on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol shortly after being stopped for speeding early this morning. While the rest of the details have yet to become clear, what always seems to be true is that not much good happens in the wee

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NFL News: Browns issue statement on traffic for Thursday night’s preseason game

With the Indians playing the Tigers at 7:05 Thursday night, and the Browns taking on the Rams at 8:00, things could get a little messy downtown. The Browns issued a statement regarding parking and getting to the stadium. “With an Indians game also taking place downtown, and people leaving work on a weekday, fans are

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In defense of the great Phil Dawson

Rolling Snap

I was reading an otherwise great article today at Grantland by Bill Barnwell that pointed out how bad a job Jacksonville Jaguars GM Gene Smith is at his job, when a snippet caught my attention. While talking about Josh Scobee and his contract from the Jags, a footnote said the following about Phil Dawson. Given that

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NFL Rumors: Rams to Shop Jackson, in Hunt for Richardson

The Washington Redskins continue to haunt the Cleveland Browns during the off-season. Per NBC Sports’ Evan Silva, The St. Louis Rams will reportedly shop long-time running back Steven Jackson this week as the 29-year-old bruising back is allegedly unhappy with his current contract. If Jackson is moved — with the reported price being a mid-round pick

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Peter King: Rams GM Les Snead details how trade with Washington went down

Buried at the bottom of a Peter King Monday Morning QB column, (which I never would have seen without Cleveland Frowns’ post today) comes this about the Rams’ trade with Washington- “But according to Rams GM Les Snead, that’s not the whole story. He confirmed to me Sunday what I’d heard the night the trade

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NFL Draft: My Cleveland Browns dream scenario

2012 NFL Draft

First of all, this is supposed to be at least somewhat realistic, so take that draft day trade with the Colts out of your minds. That isn’t even remotely possible, so I’m not going to entertain it. By the way, neither is Robert Griffin III dropping to the Browns. With that, I think it is

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Peter King: Browns didn’t know Redskins offer in trade talks

Since the Browns were unable to secure the second pick in trade talks from over the weekend with the St. Louis Rams, we’ve slowly been piecing things together as to how it all went down. For a while there were conspiracy theories that the Browns offered just as many picks, but the Rams decided to

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