August 26, 2014

Browns’ exhaustive coaching search is refreshing

It came out this morning that the Browns’ brass interviewed former Arizona Cardinals coach (and former Pittsburgh coordinator) Ken Whisenhunt. This, on the heels of their interview with Ray Horton and news of their forthcoming interview with Chip Kelly. Those are just the names of candidates that we know of since Joe Banner and Jimmy Haslam stationed themselves in Arizona around the Fiesta Bowl where Kelly’s Oregon team is set to face Kansas State tonight. The Browns have been linked to other names as well. Obviously their first move to go to Arizona shows that their first priority is Chip Kelly. Whether or not you like or agree with that, compared to the last two coaching searches in Berea, this one definitely feels different. Different in a good way.

Randy Lerner hired Eric Mangini nine days after he was fired by the Jets. He did so only after failing to land Scott Pioli as his general manager. Lerner spoke to other candidates like Steve Spagnuolo, Josh McDaniels and outgoing Browns defensive coordinator Mel Tucker before hiring Mangini.  [Read more...]

Hey, You! Want to be our General Manager?

Phil SavageBecause I don’t really know if anyone else does.

Since Hurricane Lerner tore through the Cleveland Browns front office, the one thing that we all agreed on at this here site was that we wanted a General Manager and a head coach that had strong communication and believe in the same system.  Typically, to get that done, you hire the general manager first and have him choose who he wants to steer the ship.  But with Eric Mangini receiving an “exceeds expectations” on his interview for the HC gig, the Browns are finding themselves running out of options for said GM slot.

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Rob Chudzinski On The Way Out?

Rob ChudzinskiWith all of the transgressions that followed the completion of the 2008 Browns season, one person who seemed to fly under the “blame radar” was offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski.  Chud appeared to be the savior following last season and even was able to pick an apple of the (now seemingly very generous) contract extension tree.  After all, he turned our former backup quarterback into a Pro Bowler. 

After the opening day massacre against the Steelers, Chud was the Anne Sullivan of Cleveland football.

Well, if any of the currently circulating rumors are true, Chud may also be in the group that will be collecting money from the Browns while not actually working for them. [Read more...]

Browns FO/Coaching: Who Ya Got?

Over the holidays, it has sometimes felt like my wife and I have been in the car more than we’ve been home. As an unintended consequence of that, my writing for WFNY has effectively fallen off the face of the earth over the last 10-14 days.

Coincidentally, the one major Cleveland sports story in that time period has been the house-cleaning in Berea and the prospects of a new regime both in the front office and on the sidelines. I am bummed that I have not weighed in more thoroughly here, but that stops now!

I wanted to make this a quasi-open thread to gauge where our readership is at relative to the names out there for both positions… both the rumors, and perhaps the ones we don’t hear about. More than just the rumors, though:

As a fan, WHO DO YOU WANT? [Read more...]

Add Josh McDaniels to the list of potential coaches to be interviewed. The New England offensive coordinator has been given permission to speak to Randy Lerner according to the OBR.

The Browns pursuit of McDaniels is not a surprise, as he has often been mentioned alongside front office possibility Scott Pioli as a potential target for the Browns head coaching job. Cleveland also has interviews scheduled with ex-Jets head coach Eric Mangini, Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. Those interviews are expected to take place between today and Saturday.

(H/T Barry McBride)