August 26, 2014

NFL Rumors: Rams to Shop Jackson, in Hunt for Richardson

The Washington Redskins continue to haunt the Cleveland Browns during the off-season.

Per NBC Sports’ Evan Silva, The St. Louis Rams will reportedly shop long-time running back Steven Jackson this week as the 29-year-old bruising back is allegedly unhappy with his current contract. If Jackson is moved – with the reported price being a mid-round pick due to age, contract and mileage — the Rams would likely look to add Alabama’s Trent Richardson.

In an on-air broadcast, ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi speculates that the Rams, potentially feeling the running back could be gone by the time they select sixth-overall, could move up to the third, fourth or fifth spots in the draft, via the second-round pick they acquired in the deal with the Washington Redskins earlier this off-season.

The Redskins, in a legitimate duel with the Cleveland Browns, jumped to the second-overall selection — to select quarterback Robert Griffin III — by sending the Rams multiple first-round selections and a second-rounder for 2012. In late March, Rams head coach Jeff Fisher stated that the Browns were realistic trading partners with the Browns.

In the event that a team trades to the third spot in Thursday’s draft, the Browns would be forced to decide between USC’s offensive tackle Matt Kalil, LSU cornerback Mo Claiborne or Oklahoma State wide recevier Justin Blackmon. A trade down would also be a legitimate option with the Browns reportedly preferring staying in the top eight.

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(Source: Evan Silva)

Week 10: The Browns Will Win If…

The Browns are coming off a thorough drubbing from which surgeons are still trying to extract the ball from down their throats where the Texans systematically ran it. The competition level gets a little lighter with St. Louis this week, and clearly there will be some, “Hey, you! I know you! I know you!” going on between Pat Shurmur and his former team.


St. Louis is down there with the Browns in terms of overall offense. They’re 23rd in the league with 314.1 yards per game. They are, however, slightly better on the run, at 18th in the league. The Browns’ defense got gashed on the ground, and will be without TJ Ward. Yikes. Without further ado…

The Browns Will Win If…