Should the Indians spend more money on payroll?

Calvin Significant

Hey, what is more fun than discussing Cleveland Indians’ attendance figures? Maybe Chief Wahoo? Or, how about the nitty, gritty details of the MLB CBA and whether or not the Indians spend enough on payroll? Well, despite the gruesome chore of digging in, baseball finances are a pertinent topic given the current CBA is set

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The Indians are slipping and sliding (during a rain delay)


The Cleveland Indians got rained out last night, but they looked like they were having about as much fun as they’ve had all season long. Turning the Progressive Field tarp into a giant slip’n’slide is never a bad idea. And now, players slip-n-sliding on the tarp. — Cleveland Indians (@Indians) August 13, 2014

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Playing with House Money: Why I think the Dolans should consider selling the Indians

Paul Dolan

The Dolan family needs to step away from the blackjack table and leave the casino with house money well in hand. After selling STO to FOX, they need to go to the next level and sell the team before they lose any of that money they just “won.” This is the only way I know

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Baseball needs a taste of the NFL’s collusion

I continue to chuckle when I see pundits get angry about the NFL colluding and forcing the Cowboys and Redskins to pay for their players the way the contracts were originally designed. In the end, I take some umbrage with the use of the word “punishment” when the NFL just forced the Redskins to pay

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STO, Slush Funds, and MLB’s TV Problem


In August of 2010, got a hold of a few MLB teams’ internal financial statements.  This was kind of big deal, since baseball teams are private companies, and private companies do not typically go around disclosing their financial activity to anyone and everyone with an internet connection.  We were finally going to get to

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Why I Love Jim Donovan

Channel 3 Sports Director and radio voice of the Browns, Jim Donovan, is taking a leave of absence to undergo a bone marrow transplant.  Remarkably, the ebullient Donovan has been battling chronic lymphocytic leukemia for over a decade – his colleagues, viewers, and listeners unaware all this time. Donovan made the announcement on his Channel

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Twins 5, Indians 1: If a Team Loses in Minneapolis, and Nobody Sees It…

Thanks to the ingenious programmers at STO, yesterday’s Indians game wasn’t televised.  Someday, someone will explain to me the fantastic strategy of creating a network that chooses not to televise the events that it was created to televise.  I imagine the decision goes something like this: Production Manager: Hey guys, I was thinking about not

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God Bless Bruce Drennan

Love him or hate him, STO’s Bruce Drennan is certainly passionate about Cleveland sports. Don’t believe me? Don’t miss the absolute CLASSIC reaction after yesterday’s 5-4 stunner of an Indians loss. I’m just gonna say that I don’t care what Drennan has done in the past, this rant is the finest five minutes of his

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