New WFNY shirt designs available now!

Wine and Gold design

When we introduced the first run of WFNY shirts from GV Art and Design, we really didn’t know what to expect. It was a little scary ordering all of those shirts without having a clue if anyone would actually want them. Well, we knew we could give some away, but we were pretty unsure if

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First Look at Nike Browns T-Shirts

For the men… And the ladies…

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WFNY Giveaway: Team CLE Threads


With the weekend fast approaching, we felt that it would be an opportune time to have a little giveaway contest within the friendly confines of WFNY. Today’s giveaway is brought to you by the kind folks at Team CLE Tees. This contest will reward one of you with the t-shirt pictured to the right, but

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Delonte West now on Delonte West

While this Cavs offseason has featured the Shaq press conference and various shots at LeBron James, there is no doubt that the most entertaining Cavalier has been Delonte West.  Thankfully, Glen Infante was there to get the best West moments on to some threads.  And what is now even better is that West himself will

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New WFNY Swag: Regressive Field

We’ve already poked fun at the bullpen, but it is apparent that the entire Cleveland Indians franchise needs to be given “The Business.”  With that said, behold the latest design to hit the e-shelves at our WFNY Swag Shop: Regressive Field. It was only two years ago that the (now apparently overachieving) Tribe was a

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WFNY Gear: New Designs

With Black Friday right around the gravy-covered corner, we thought it would be an opporutune time to let you guys know that we’ve rolled out two new hoops inspired designs.  The 1991 throwback looks killer on the “tangerine” ringer.  The Joe Tait classic looks great on just about any shirt avaialable.  Stuff some stocking with

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