August 1, 2014

Terrell Pryor to be cut or traded by Raiders

Terrelle Pryor Ohio State Sugar Bowl

Former Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Terrell Pryor didn’t have an awful year last year, but he apparently isn’t going to be a part of the future in Oakland. It certainly sounds like if you’re a bettor that you should probably assume he’ll get cut.

It seems unlikely that anyone would trade for Pryor when the word is out that he’s about to be cut. Then again, he did show flashes of promise last season, and he’s only due a salary of $750,000 this year, so it’s possible that some team might think he’s worth a seventh-round pick.

I certainly don’t think this is the kind of thing that the Browns should pursue, but you never know where Ray Farmer and company might think to look for a backup to replace Jason Campbell and Brandon Weeden. Terrell Pryor might not excite Browns fans, but in a field that includes Rex Grossman, it’s probably not the worst idea ever.

Pryor’s highlights from last year were mostly plays he made running the ball, but he did have two games where he had a QB rating over 100. He also had two games with over 100 yards rushing.

Yahoo! Report Says Tressel Broke NCAA Rules

Twitter exploded last night with the posting of this article by Yahoo’s Charles Robinson and Dan Wetzel.

In the piece, Robinson claims that the Buckeye coach knew about the memorabilia scandal well before the Athletic department, which if true would be a major violation of NCAA rules-

Tressel received information that players were selling items to Edward Rife – the owner of Fine Line Ink Tattoos in Columbus – as early as April 2010, according to a source. However, neither Ohio State nor the NCAA investigated the transactions or the players’ relationship with Rife until December 2010, when the school claims it was informed of the situation by the local United States Attorney’s office.

Neither the NCAA, The Ohio State University or Coach Tressel responded to the article last night. In fact, there was some dispute as to when the University was even contacted about the story. Yahoo claims they informed the University 3 hours before they published the story, while the University says it was 30 minutes. [Read more...]

OSU Football: So You’re Saying There’s a Chance

buckeyes-football-2009Looking over the latest odds to win the 2010 BCS National Championship, I have noticed a few tiers.  The Florida Gators are currently alone at the top.  Following Tim Tebow and Company is the group of Oklahoma, Texas and the USC Trojans.

Then, enter the Ohio State Buckeyes.

The Scarlet and Gray are currently at a 12/1, meaning that there is about a seven percent chance that the Buckeyes are holding up that coveted Coaches Trophy when it is all said and done.

The over-under in terms of wins for the Terrelle Pryor show is set at 9.5 games.  If DP’s assertion of a USC win is correct, that allows for minimal slippage the rest of the way.  The Buckeyes travel to Happy Valley this year, which looks to be our toughest conference bout on paper.  They’ll host Wisconsin, then travel to Purdue, which has proven to be historically rough on the Big Ten teams.  Others feel that Iowa could surprise as well.  Without Beanie and the Brians (which could be a killer barbershop trio in about 20 years), are the Bucks primed to drop a game to one of the others?

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The Buckeyes are the Anti-Browns

Terrelle Pryor - Ohio St Michigan St FootballAny chance that the NCAA institutes a mandatory four-year rule for college football players?  If not, the Ohio State Buckeyes could be in some trouble in the not-so-distant future given the recent news of Nick Montana choosing the recently win-less Washington Huskies over Jim Tressel and the Bucks. 

Corey over at Eleven Warriors called this decision “a bit concerning.”  For now, I’ll choose to use my Terrell Pryor blinders and just think of the next year or two.  But after that, the quarterback situation in Columbus may not be too pretty.

Sure, our 2009 draft class was given the thumbs up by many of the pundits.  However, the issues have also been well-documented, predominantly in the QB department.  [Read more...]

Fiesta Bowl Bullet Preview

Ohio State and #3 ranked Texas square off tonight in Tempe, Arizona. Otherwise known as Buckeye Land, Southwest.

Before the season began, the media and college football experts had tapped Ohio State as the only decent team in the conference. It was supposed to be a cake walk through the Big Ten. Should it really surprise anyone that the conference is 1-5 in bowl games leading up to tonight? (That lone win was Iowa’s 31-10 thumping of South Carolina.) Life is cyclical. Right now, the Big Ten is down. It will rise again. But let’s stop trying to make Ohio State carry the load for the entire conference. The Buckeyes should have enough motivation already, and certainly don’t need the added pressure. [Read more...]

Open Thread: Buckeyes at Northwestern Wildcats

Time: 12:00 PM EST
TV/Radio: ESPN2/WKNR 850 AM
Weather: 38 degrees (wind chill of 27), Rain/snow mix, Winds 18 MPH (WSW)
Line: Ohio State (-11)

Somehow, I feel that if Ohio State was still in the National Championship hunt, the suspension of wide receiver/return man Ray Small would have been a bigger topic of discussion.  Between Small’s father spouting off, and the possibility of Small never seeing the field again, I’m not sure what has kept this one under the rug of the collective fan.  Regardless of the off-field controversy, Jim Tressel leads his team into Michael Wilbon’s Alma Mater.

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Rose Bowl, Anyone?

Ohio State - Rose BowlThis past Monday, Rick wrote a Buckeye recap that threw in the inquiry of whether Todd Boeckman should have been a part of this past Saturday’s loss to Penn State.  In it, he questioned whether or not Boeckman would have given the Buckeyes a better shot at moving the ball down the field, when Terrell Pryor’s arm was obviously not getting the done.  Granted, no one really saw Pryor’s first fumble occurring in the biggest game of his young career, but that is a different discussion for a different day.

On Tuesday, Coach Jim Tressell had a few updated thoughts on the loss.  While he was brief, he mentioned that he was still perturbed with Terrell Pryor’s decision-making on the play, and that the young Pryor was still pretty down on himself.  When asked if he had spent much off-field time with the freshman quarterback, Tressell cited that school work has kept him busy, not allowing for much one-on-one time.

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Open Thread: Ohio State at Michigan State

Time: 3:30 PM, EDT
TV/Radio: WEWS Ch. 5, WKNR AM/850.
Kickoff Weather: 55 degrees (at kickoff), Winds 4 MPH (SE)
Line: OSU (-4)

The defensive line was abused by Wisconsin.  The defense in general held their own against Purdue.  But neither team we have played in the last two weeks have Javon Ringer in their backfield.  I know that statistics only tell part of the game, but when a guy has over 1,000 yards and double-digit touchdowns at this point in the season, it cannot be ignored.  The trick will be which defensive line shows up?  The one that let the Badgers march down the field at ease in the fourth quarter, or the one that bottles up the run game and forces errant passes?  The Spartans Brian Hoyer hasn’t thrown that many more passes than Terrell Pryor, so obviously the ladder would be more beneficial for the Scarlet and Gray.

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Open Thread: Purdue Boilermakers at Ohio State

Time: 3:30 PM, EDT
TV/Radio: WEWS Ch. 5, WKNR AM/850.
Kickoff Weather: 78 degrees (at kickoff), Winds 6 MPH (SE)
Line: OSU (-18.5)

Honestly, I’m a bit surprised that there was not more Buckeye talk this week after our huge win in Camp Randall.  But while the Badgers get to play host once again to a top-25 opponent in Penn State, the Buckeyes will gear up for the Nittany Lions this week while they take on their last opponent in the Boilermakers of Purdue.  Quarterback Curtis Painter didn’t make it through last week’s game due to some poor play, so you can bet he’ll try to step it up against the Buckeyes.  On our end, we’ll be without several players (as mentioned by Rock in this week’s podcast).  In the same regard, we could see a lot more from players like Brandon Saine and perhaps some of freshman speed threat Lamaar Thomas.

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Bullet Points: Buckeyes Week Seven

Hey… Nobody said it was going to be pretty.  Perhaps the team didn’t do much of anything between the first drive and the very last drive, but that is all it takes sometimes.  Going to Madison, Wisconsin at night and leaving with a win?  It could have been by one point and I would be alright with it. 

This week, we get to gear up for Purdue while Wisconsin plays night host to Penn State.  But before we dig into what’s coming up, let’s talk a bit about what we saw and how it impacts the near future… [Read more...]

Open Thread: Buckeyes at Wisconsin Badgers

Time: 8 PM, EDT
TV/Radio: WEWS Ch. 5, WKNR AM/850.
Kickoff Weather: 50 degrees (at kickoff), Winds 5 MPH (SE)
Line: OSU (-1)

Well, here we are.  Easily, our toughest battle since the debacle in Los Angeles.  Terrell Pryor has made this Buckeye team one that is comparably different than it was when it was led by Todd Boeckman.  But tonight, this team travels to Madison, Wisconsin – arguably one of the tougher places to play in the Big Ten.  At home, the Buckeyes gave the Badgers a healthy dose of championship-calibur football.  As discussed, the Scarlet and Gray have not ventured to Wisconsin since their loss in 2003; the year that bounced them out of the top five with an upset loss.  This time, they’ll have their hands full with running back P.J. Hill as he missed last year’s game with a leg injury.

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Bullet Points: Buckeyes 9/29/2008

While the game against Minnesota was not one that was on the top of the “must watch” list, perhaps the more recent play – as opposed to what we saw against USC – can start to stir up some more conversation.  We’ll be heading to Wisconsin this weekend for what will be a very big game, regardless of what the Badgers did (or didn’t do) against the Wolverines of Michigan.  But before we preview this upcoming contest, let’s get into what we saw this past weekend. [Read more...]

Open Thread: Buckeyes vs. Minnesota Gophers

Time: 12 PM, EDT
TV/Radio: Big Ten Network, WKNR AM/850
Kickoff Weather: 71 degrees, Winds 7 MPH (NNE)
Line: OSU (-18)

The Terrell Pryor versus the Big Ten party starts today.  The true freshman will have a young line ahead of him, with freshman center Mike Brewster along with injury replacement Jim Cordle.  They’ll have some holes to create as both Pryor and the return of Beanie Wells should provide a lot of ground work.  While the Buckeyes should win this one easily, we have seen games against Troy and Ohio U. that have been a bit too close for comfort.  Regardless of the score in this one, I think this team will be graded on three things:

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Boone Admits to Lack of Urgency

Alex BooneOver the past few weeks, one thing that we have all noticed when watching the last four Ohio State contests is that the offensive line has been borderline atrocious.  Todd Boeckman is likely still sore from the game against USC, and to be losing at any point against the Ohio Bobcats is simply unacceptable.

While we have the front office of the Cleveland Browns making excuses for the current play of the offensive line, ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg went straight to the source and managed to catch up with senior offensive lineman Alex Boone.  After touching on the Boeckman/Terrell Pryor situation, Rittenberg went right at Boone with the vast underperformance of the line as a whole.

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Tressel Surprises Team With Guest Speakers

Credit Doug Lesmerises of the PD for this one-

Ohio State coach has been known to bring in coaches, or former players to help inspire the Buckeyes to reach new heights. He may have out done himself this time. The would-be-governor of Ohio used his friendship with former 49ers owner Ed DeBartolo Jr. to bring in former 49ers Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott and Roger Craig.

As Lesmerises pointed out, that’s 14 Super Bowl rings worth of street cred. Perhaps just as important to the Buckeyes as the championships won, are the number of title losses that those players bounced back from.

Those four players collected 14 Super Bowl rings in San Francisco. But while the 49ers won five Super Bowls between 1981 and 1994, they also lost in the NFC Championship four times, solace for the losers of consecutive national title games. [Read more...]