August 16, 2014

Pryor says he was humbled by what happened at Ohio State

Sports Illustrated’s Jim Trotter has a piece out today on Terelle Pryor. Among many things discussed was the circumstances that led to Pryor’s suspension at OSU and the season he had last year in Oakland sitting on the bench.

“It was humbling,” he said. “A mistake I made when I was a freshman by selling my pants for $3,000 just took away everything from me. I was just driven into the ground. I was the worst person in the world. My face popped up on the screen, and it seemed like I was the only one who did anything. I was the only one who was getting attacked. At that point last year, I’m 21 and it just felt like everything was against me, like I can’t do anything right. I did something to help somebody else out, and I end up getting into trouble. I understand. I shouldn’t have sold the stuff and taken $3,000. But I was kind of in a place where I didn’t understand why this is happening to me — especially for the reason that I did it.

“The reason why I did it was to pay my mother’s gas bill and some of her rent. She was four months behind in rent, and the [landlord] was so nice because he was an Ohio State fan. He gave her the benefit of the doubt and she said, ‘My son will pay you back sometime if you just let me pay you back during my work sessions.’ She ended up losing her job, and she and my sister lived there. Let me remind you it was freezing cold in November, December, and she’s using the oven as heat. That’s what I did as a kid. I was telling the NCAA, ‘Please, anything that you can do. I gave my mother this so my sister wouldn’t be cold, so my mother wouldn’t be cold.’ They didn’t have any sympathy for me. It’s not like I went there and bought new Jordans. It’s documented. Whenever I write my book the proof will be in there, the receipt that the money I gave my mother was to pay the electric and heat bill. The truth is going to come out one day when the time is right. I don’t think I deserved [being punished] in that way, because of the reason I was doing it. I felt like I was doing God’s work in a way, and I was getting driven into the ground.”

Do take a moment and read the whole piece if you are an Ohio State fan. It probably won’t change your opinion of Pryor. It certainly doesn’t change the fact that Oakland decided they need to give Matt Leinart a shot at the back-up job.

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History Repeating? Braxton Miller Starting This Weekend for Buckeyes

Obviously it isn’t a weird cosmic connection where history repeats itself and Joe Bauserman is Todd Boeckman and Braxton Miller is Terrelle Pryor.  On the surface it seems rather convenient that way, though.  In 2008 the Buckeyes started Boeckman and played Pryor in the first two games of the season against Youngstown State and Ohio.  Then, Ohio State got pasted 35-3 by USC out in California and the Buckeyes turned the team over to Terrelle Pryor.  This season the Buckeyes under Luke Fickell started Joe Bauserman and brought Braxton Miller off the bench.  Well, technically he forgot to bring Miller off the bench for game two.  Then Ohio State played both QBs in Miami where they were pasted 24-6.  Now, much like Tressel concluded after the third week in 2008, Fickell has concluded after the third week in 2011.  Braxton Miller will start this week against Colorado like Terrelle Pryor did in 2008 against Troy.

Granted the history had an extra high chance of repeating itself just because of the way Ohio State schedules every year with a couple of warm-ups before presumably testing themselves against a tough out-of-conference opponent.  And certainly Braxton Miller choosing Ohio State had a lot to do with the timing of Terrelle Pryor’s eligibility (the original eligibility, not post-controversy.)  So it isn’t the most bizarre thing ever.  Still, it is a bit eerie when you read Doug Lesmerises’ article from back in 2008. [Read more...]

Breaking NFL News: Oakland Raiders Draft Terrelle Pryor

Terrelle Pryor’s draft rights are officially those of the Oakland Raiders.

Using a third-round selection, the Raiders have opted to add Pryor to their notorious arsenal of athletes. Leaving the Ohio State University after being at the center of a slew of allegations surround personal property that was sold to a tattoo artist-turned-tax evader, Pryor will enter his professional career as one of the biggest question marks in recent history.

An undeniable athlete, the 6-foot-6-inch quarterback will be a project whether he is under center or is moved to a tight end/H-back-type of role. [Read more...]

Pryor Eligible for Supplemental Draft, Already Suspended by NFL

Put this one in the ‘didn’t see that coming’ category. Former Buckeye QB Terrelle Pryor, who had been waiting on a decision from the NFL regarding his status for the supplemental draft, was informed that he will be allowed to enter that draft (to be held on Monday) but that he wouldn’t be allowed to practice or play any of the first five regular season games with whatever teams drafted him.

This is from the league memo sent out to teams-

“… Pryor made decisions that undermine the integrity of the eligibility rules for the NFL Draft. Those actions included failing to cooperate with the NCAA and hiring an agent in violation of NCAA rules, which resulted in Ohio State declaring him ineligible to continue playing college football.

Pryor then applied to enter the NFL after the regular draft. Pryor had accepted at the end of the 2010 college football season a suspension for the first five games of the 2011 season for violating NCAA rules. Pryor will be ineligible to practice prior to or play in the first five games of the NFL regular season after he signs.”

The backlash of this decision was immediate. Reporters and talking heads on the television and radio have been blasting the NFL for seemingly taking an NCAA punishment and enforcing it in the NFL. It is, at best a curious move. Especially since Pryor would likely never have played in those first five games- if any this season. [Read more...]

Terrelle Pryor is Not a Fit for Cleveland

Once again the Pryor to the Browns rumors are swirling. The NFL has scheduled a supplemental draft for August 17th, assuming there are any players that qualify. Terrelle Pryor would like to qualify, but no determination has been made in his case.

He has scheduled a pro day for this Friday, and the Browns are rumored to be among the teams that will send a representative. Based on this information, of course the only logical conclusion is that Pryor is destined to be Colt McCoy’s replacement. (Warning: that last statement may be flowing with sarcasm.)

I already went on record as saying Terrelle Pryor will never be an above average starting quarterback in the NFL. I have not seen or heard anything about Pryor that make me want to retract that statement.

So what about Pryor at TE or WR? My guess is that on Friday, Pryor won’t be doing a receiver workout. He’ll be throwing the ball. Even so, the last couple of weeks at camp have told us something about the Browns- they have a lot of receiving projects on the roster already. At TE the Browns have Watson, Moore, rookie Cameron Jordan and Alex Smith. Terrelle Pryor is not better than any of those tight ends. He may have more potential that Smith, and that’s where it ends for me. And Alex Smith is likely not going to make this team as a fourth TE. [Read more...]

Outside the Lines Updates Its Report on Ohio State Football

This morning, ESPN’s Tom Farrey and Outside the Lines updated their reporting on the great Ohio State memorabilia scandal of 2011. The report focuses on the the market for NCAA athlete signed memorabilia. It paints the OSU autograph seekers as particularly intense and aggressive.

It also claims “Ohio State ceded the marketplace inviting fans to public events…where they could obtain signatures.” OTL quotes former AD Andy Geiger as saying they “created this monster” by backing autograph events and promoting a market for memorabilia.

There was nothing earth-shattering or revealing in the new report. Jim Tressel continued to take a beating for much of the clip but it was really nothing new. The OSU beat reporters and journalism community implored that it changed nothing and took some shots at ESPN. And they’re right – it does little to alter the NCAA’s investigation, which is where Ohio State’s attention is focused. This is now a pretty antagonistic relationship so I would imagine ESPNers will continue to see what they can dig up.
[Read more...]

The Bizarre Link Between Bernie Kosar and Terrelle Pryor

If the NFL rules that former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor is ineligible for a supplemental 2011 Draft, he may have former Cleveland Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar to blame.

Per the National Football League’s rulebook dedicated to players entering the league post-draft, it appears that Pryor’s well-documented situation may not fall within the guidelines set forth. To be considered eligible for the supplemental draft, a player is to have flunked out of school, getting kicked off of the team or graduating from school and opting to leave early are three of the items considered viable circumstances, as Yahoo! Sports’ Dan Wetzel discussed late Tuesday.  However, lost in Wetzel’s piece calling for the league to bend this very rule in Pryor’s case – allowing him to enter into the NFL – is the line item that mentions Kosar as the watershed moment in supplemental draft history.

[Read more...]

While We’re Waiting…Tribe All-Stars, LRMR & Cavs, Pryor & Browns

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Potential Tribe All-Stars: “After Cabrera it gets a little dicey in figuring out who may also represent the Tribe in the Midsummer Classic.  The only other possibilities are right-handed pitchers Josh Tomlin (9-4, 3.95 ERA), Justin Masterson (5-5, 3.18 ERA), Carlos Carrasco (7-4, 3.62 ERA), and closer Chris Perez (2-3, 2.54 ERA, 18 saves).  Tomlin, 26, is tied for the league lead in wins, but doesn’t appear to have the eye-popping numbers or sexiness to get added to the roster over a host of other popular names from other teams, though if he were to go out his next start and win his 10th game it could make it interesting.” [Tony Lastoria/STO]

[Read more...]

Flier on Pryor? Browns Should Say “No!”

I never thought I would seriously have to address this.

Then ESPN’s James Walker wrote a piece about it. And Fox Sports Ohio’s Zac Jackson tweets about the piece and calls it ‘interesting’. Then I find myself getting asked questions through twitter about the suggestion. So here I am.

The headline from the Walker piece? “Browns should take flier on Terrelle Pryor.

Um, no.

And not just no. No with hair on it. No with the stench of a dead woodchuck rotting under the porch. (A little Dilbert reference for you this morning.) I can’t emphasize the no enough here. [Read more...]

Gordon Gee Says NCAA Investigation is Complete

One of the strangest parts about the events of the last few weeks with Jim Tressel and Terrelle Pryor is that neither one will actually be around for the NCAA ruling.  It still seems backwards to me that media scrutiny over a set of rules that are stricter than the criminal laws in the state and nation could yield more change than the organization itself.  But so it goes.

ESPN’s report from Gordon Gee indicates that the NCAA has completed its investigation and left campus.  In the report he also indicated that despite his resignation Jim Tressel will not be able to skirt that little issue of the quarter of a million dollars that he was fined by the university before he tendered his resignation. [Read more...]

Maurice Clarett Talks Ohio State Troubles with Dan Patrick

Maurice Clarett had an exceptionally interesting interview with Dan Patrick this morning.  The former Ohio State Buckeyes runner-turned-prisoner-turned-UFL-er has a lot of experience with the sometimes problematic culture surrounding NCAA football.  There were more than a couple of revelations delivered during the fifteen minute conversation.

When talking about Ohio State’s problems, Clarett didn’t really blame anyone specifically as he cast a shadow over everyone.  “In Columbus Ohio you’re treated like a celebrity,” he said.  “So, it’s not a Terrelle Pryor problem.  It’s not a Jim Tressel problem… It’s just the culture of the whole system.”

When digging deeper though, Clarett did end up pointing the finger mostly at players and boosters who would meet individually throughout a typical NCAA career.  “There’s no secret regime.  There’s no secret congregation of people who sit around at Ohio State and gives young guys money… Anything that a player goes and gets is based on him and who he meets in the community.” [Read more...]

The Writing Was on the Wall

Yesterday, Terrelle Pryor announced he would not be back for his senior season at Ohio State. Actually, his attorney announced it. Which was probably a smart move. Terrelle hasn’t always been the best in front of the microphone. The reason he gave- “it is in the best interest of my teammates”.

Boy what a team player that Pryor is huh?

Hours later, ESPN’s Outside the Lines would report that Pryor was involved in a ‘cash for autographs’ arrangement with photographer Dennis Talbott for some time. Speaking on condition of anonymity, a “former friend” of Pryor’s told ESPN’s Tom Farrey that he saw Talbott give Pryor cash for signing jerseys and mini-helmets. These payments would be for $500- $1000 each time and would happen 2 or 3 times a week. It was estimated that Pryor made between $20,000 and $40,000 for his signature from Talbott.

The “former friend” was outed on twitter as being former Buckeye QB Antonio Henton. Which would most certainly put him in the right position to witness these extra benefits. Whether it was Henton or another friend, the source said Pryor had gotten too ‘arrogant’ following the ’09-’10 season. In the video interview on ESPN, the source claimed that Pryor “didn’t care” if the cash was an NCAA violation, and that “He knew he was going to the NFL anyways.” [Read more...]

Terrelle Pryor Leaving Ohio State Football Team

If the landscape of Ohio State football wasn’t going to be different enough with Jim Tressel gone from the sidelines, then how about the exit of what could be the highest profile recruit in Ohio State history?  Terrelle Pryor is forgoing his senior season.

According to Doug Lesmerises of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Pryor is reportedly leaving the team with his teammates in mind according to Pryor’s attorney, Larry James.

“In the best interest of my teammates, I have decided to forego my senior year of football at the Ohio State University,” James said, reading a statement on behalf of his client.

James said Pryor had been considering this option for several days and made the choice this evening, leaving James’ office in Columbus just before 6 p.m. [Read more...]

Terrelle Pryor’s Attorney: “If he was drowning, I’m not sure how many people would want him to live”

The “he” that Terrelle Pryor’s attorney Larry James is referring to is Terrelle Pryor. 

These soulless “people” standing around this hypothetical pond, unwilling to get their Mitch Buchanan on as Pryor theoretically struggles to swim out, are Ohio State fans according to James. 

Larry James went on to tell the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on Saturday that his client has had a pretty rough go of it since the departure of Tressel:  

“Can you imagine, given how the atmosphere has been, how he will be received when he walks into that stadium?” he said. “The young man is distraught. (His mother, Toni) is very distraught. Terrelle made mistakes, but his mother doesn’t deserve anything like she’s been subjected to.”

James said every allegation about Pryor that has been reported is accepted “as if it’s gospel.”

“(The fans) turn against him on a dime,” he said. “If he was drowning, I’m not sure how many people would want him to live.”

Maybe a little overly dramatic from Larry James, no?  In any case, he does make it sound like Terrelle Pryor isn’t coming back to OSU.  The NFL Supplemental Draft is in July, and maybe that’s where Pryor’s headed at this point.  [Read more...]

While We’re Waiting…Tribe Gets Rolled and Shaq Retires

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Rough outing for Sipp, Tribe falls 11-2:  “With one out and two runners onboard, and Cleveland trailing by only one run, it was the perfect time to turn to lefty Tony Sipp. The percentages were in the Tribe’s favor, but fate was not. A strategically sound call to the bullpen led to a meltdown, and the Indians were dealt a stunning 11-2 loss.

The defeat — helped by an overpowering performance by Texas right-hander Alexi Ogando — continued a rough string of games for the Tribe.

Dating back to May 3, when the Indians were 20-8, Cleveland has gone 13-14. More recently, the Tribe has dropped seven games in a stretch of 10, suffering a handful of blowout losses of 14-2, 7-0 and 11-1 before Friday’s debacle. Cleveland has also lost four in a row at home for the first time this year.

Enter manager Manny Acta — the eternal optimist.

“I feel good,” Acta said. “Hey, we’ve won two out of the last four — .500. Not bad. That’s the way I look at it.”

The fact that the Indians’ remain atop the American League Central with a 33-22 ledger makes the losses easier to shoulder. Even after this latest loss, the Tribe remains 4 1/2 games ahead of the second-place Tigers in the division. That is the same advantage Cleveland had a month ago.”  [Jordan Bastian /] [Read more...]

Blaming Terrelle Pryor is Misguided

(Note: WFNY doesn’t have a singular editorial voice.  Today we will obviously have a lot of Ohio State posts as it is such big news.  Remember that each writer’s opinion is their own.)

Terrelle Pryor will probably go down in history, at least in some fans’ minds, as the guy who ended Jim Tressel’s career at Ohio State.  Fact is, Pryor was one of a few whose actions were the catalyst for this whole mess.  Being the catalyst isn’t really a reason for blame as much as it is just bad luck, though.  Being the catalyst will end up causing Pryor to go down in history as “the guy,” but putting all or even most of the blame on Pryor is far too simplistic.

Obviously, blaming Pryor relieves Jim Tressel of his part in lying to the NCAA.  That is unacceptable all by itself, obviously.  Tressel made his bed by how he reacted to the situation.  I want to focus on Pryor though.

Like many things, I have been on a journey with the Terrelle Pryor situation.  I have learned over the years not to always trust my most reactionary of thoughts, especially when something makes me angry or sad.  Over time, my opinions become far more substantial when they are firmly planted in between intellect and emotion rather than swimming exclusively in the latter. [Read more...]

SI: Ohio State Scandal Dates Back to 2002, Involves At Least 28 Players

After hours of speculation and boundless conjecture, Sports Illustrated has lifted the embargo on the much-discussed report penned by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer George Dohrmann. With the curtain now lifted, we receive a report that the Ohio State “memorabilia for tattoos” incident that has been well-documented stretches back to 2002 and has involved at least 28 players.

Ohio State’s head football coach Jim Tressel submitted his resignation early Monday morning ahead of the Dohrmann “special” report which discusses an entire history of issues surrounding the various programs led by the now-former play-caller.

It was earlier this week that former Ohio State wide receiver, return specialist, and all-around failure Ray Small went public with a dissertation that painted all Buckeye football brethren with a scarlet letter – pun fully intended.  In the wake of said interview, several former Buckeye football players have come out in defense of the program[Read more...]

‘Tattoo Five’ Will Have Company For First Five Games: Jim Tressel

On the eve of the Buckeye basketball team’s opening game of the NCAA Tournament, the Buckeye football team once again stole the spotlight. As you can imagine, that isn’t good news.

The NCAA ruled that the five players (Pryor, Herron, Adams, Posey and Thomas) who appealed suspensions will not have any games reduced from their original penalty. That means they will indeed miss the 4 non-conference games and the Big Ten opener against Michigan State. They will be eligible again for the Nebraska game.

They did learn shortly after that they will have company for those first five games. Head Coach Jim Tressel.

After learning of the NCAA’s decision, Tressel asked the University to increase his penalty from the two games originally planned, to the full five games that his players will miss- [Read more...]

While We’re Waiting… Black Jack, Joe Haden and Adam Miller. (Sorry Joe.)

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Remembering the Jack McDowell signing- “It would have been impossible for expectations in Cleveland to be any higher. Everyone was talking Tribe, everywhere you went new Indians gear was popping up. The Indians were going to win it all, and Jack McDowell was going to get us over the hump.” [Still WFNY]


Browns rookie Joe Haden named 33rd best player… in the AFC North?- “Analysis: Haden led all rookies with six interceptions. Haden always relied on his natural athleticism, but former Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan did a good job of teaching him proper technique. Once Haden combined the two, he really took off in the second half of the season. Haden continued to show improvement, eventually worked his way into the starting lineup and quickly established himself as Cleveland’s No. 1 cornerback. He’s a solid, fundamental tackler with very good ball skills.” [Walker/AFC North blog] [Read more...]

While We’re Waiting… Trade Exceptions, Vizquel’s Hall of Fame Odds, 2011 Big Ten

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Forecasting what might happen with those fancy trade exceptions this season: “Most years the NBA trade season is defined by the term ‘expiring contracts.’ This season, however, there’s a different phrase that might be at the center of big-name transactions: trade exceptions.

Trade exceptions can be created several ways, but large ones typically are created when a team acquires salary-cap space in exchange for trading a player. The team that receives the cap space then gets a credit — of the amount of the departing player’s salary in the current year of his deal or the first year of a new deal — that it can use in future transactions for a calendar year.” [Brian Windhorst/]

[Read more...]