August 15, 2014

The Complexity of the Browns’ Secondary Problems

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed in the results so far this season when it comes to defending the pass.  I am starting to feel like a broken record when it comes to this phase of the Browns’ game.  I couldn’t believe that fill-in-the-blank player who came in to replace fill-in-the-blank player could possibly be worse.  Terry Cousin was a name in the blank along with Hank Poteat.  Brandon McDonald eventually found himself on that list for me too.  So certainly this year with the additions of proven veteran Sheldon Brown, rookie Joe Haden and the return of Eric Wright, who had been the best of the worst, meant that the Browns would have to improve, right?  It doesn’t appear that way as they get gashed time and again on big plays.  What’s going on?

Like anything else, it is never as simple as it seems.  I don’t have to be labeled an Eric Wright apologist to say that the “Eric Wright SUX!” tweets that I have been reading are far too reductionist.  Eric Wright has definitely had a rough year this year.  Then again, like most things in life, even those with simple answers, there are some other things going on. [Read more...]

The Stee*ers Are the Model for Organizational Depth

tim-couchFirst things first, I don’t want anyone in Pittsburgh to see just how much I envy them, thus the changing of the spelling.  But I can’t help it.  Even the attitudes concerning the draft in Cleveland prove that we just don’t get it fully yet.  In Cleveland it seems we are always looking for immediate contributors.  The draft shouldn’t be used for that according to the Stee*ler way of life.  With the draft they are putting all the pieces in place for future free agency departures.  Did they bemoan the loss of Plaxico Burress?  How about Antawn Randle El?  Nope.  They just turned to younger guys that were behind the scenes learning like good little apprentices.  How do you think this makes Syndric Steptoe feel to know that he was forced into duty way too early and yet still becomes the butt of jokes with Browns fans.  I am as guilty as anyone.  I’ll admit it.

When it comes time to grade drafts, you have to think Pittsburgh people don’t really care what anybody else thinks the letter grade should be.  JJ Cooper from Fanhouse talks about the last few drafts in Pittsburgh. [Read more...]

NFL Free Agency Rumors: Browns Interested in Lawyer Milloy?

One of the bigger names that the Browns have hitting free agency within the week is arguably strong safety Sean Jones.  Jones had solid campaigns in 2006 and 2007, averaging 104 tackles with five interceptions and about 13 passes defensed.  However, during a contract year in 2008 that would have typically brought out the best in most players, injuries kept Jones to 12 games and a regression in statistics as the strong safety only managed to record 56 tackles on the season.  Not exactly the capitalization that he or the Browns would have hoped.

His salary last season was just over $2 million.  Being in a position of need for many teams, testing the free agent market is likely the best for both he and the team as placing the franchise tag on him would require $6.34 million.  Odds are that the Browns are hoping to reach an agreement that would not cost that much on the books, but would keep a currently 26-year old safety with the team for the foreseeable future.

But realizing that the middle of the field may also be a position of weakness for our own team, the Browns appear to be interested in a veteran, leadership-type presence at the safety spot in former Atlanta Falcon Lawyer Milloy.

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While We’re Waiting… James Posey Trade Rumors, Ohio State’s Hoops Future, and Cousin Eddie?

While We’re Waiting aims to be the round-up of the recent WFNY-esque information for your morning viewing. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email in the sidebar.

“The Hornets said they wanted frontcourt depth [for Tyson Chandler] and the Cavs couldn’t really provide that, plus Danny Ferry is very close to the Thunder and General Manager Sam Presti so he’ll know exactly what the issue is with Chandler. The toe injury must be serious because this was a steal for OKC.   A player the Cavs have long been interested in is James Posey, who the Hornets got ahead of the Cavs because they offered a longer contract last summer. New Orleans has some depth on the wing and even though Posey is a championship player, it has become obvious their focus isn’t all on winning.” [Brian Windhorst/Plain Dealer]

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Browns, Draft Picks Ready For Camp

Yesterday the Browns came to terms with all of their draft picks. According to the Plain Dealer, all of them received 4 year deals. All we be in camp as it starts today. Two players not participating are Joe Jurevicius and Ryan Tucker who were added to the PuP list. Tucker is recovering from the surgery he had in June. He is expected to begin practicing in August and will be dropped from the PuP list before the roster cut-down date, ensuring he can play week one. Jurevicius, as detailed earlier, is in for a longer rehab.

There are plenty of good articles around the net about the start of the Browns season. I for one am glad that we aren’t reading about trying to fill 5 or 6 positions on each side of the ball this year. There are in fact few ‘position battles’. There are a few spots where the talent may be equal in the second string player however. Take Willie McGinnest and Antwan Peek for example. WIllie has already made it clear this is his last year, and the Browns will miss his leadership, but Peek has shown flashes of being something special, and hopefully with another year to learn from one of the best, he will blossom. [Read more...]

Browns Add Terry Cousin

Terry CousinBrowns Continue to Get Defensive, but Not By Choice 

With the whole Daven Holley season-ending injuy and the resulting paper thin cornerback corps, Team Savage has reportedly struck a deal with veteran cornerback Terry Cousin. 

Cousin has been quite the journeyman over his career, but had suited up for Jacksonville over the past three seasons.  While he isn’t exactly Ty Law or Lito Shepard, Cousin will at least add a warm body to the CB ranks and looks to have stepped into a nickel back position right out of the gate.

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