August 17, 2014

NFL Trade Rumors: Braylon Edwards, Again?

braylon edwards dropA lot of you will likely see Braylon Edwards’ mug on the front page of Yahoo! Sports today, claiming that “sources” are pointing to him being traded to the New York Giants.  If you dig a bit within the story, Jason Cole discusses the Giants’ desire to replace the recently-released Plaxico Burress with someone of Edwards’ skill set.  Couple this with Edwards possibly not wanting to play for Eric Mangini – especially beyond next season – and we may have a story.  May.

Cole then goes on to site a Plain Dealer article that was published on March 23rd, approximately one day after the story was made free over at The Orange and Brown Report.  So, essentially what Yahoo! is deciding to make “news” today is actually a regurgitation of month-old rumors that have been shot down.

Is this to say that Edwards will not be traded?  Not at all.  If the likelihood of the wide receiver not signing an extension increases, as will the trade talks.  You can bet that George Kokinis is exploring all options that are available as he looks to acquire more draft picks for this year and possibly next.

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NFL Free Agency Rumors: Jabari Greer to Visit Cleveland

You know that it’s an exciting free agency period for your team when you get all amped about a potential visit.  But with the Cleveland Browns boasting a net free agency number of negative one (with Andra Davis signing with Denver), that’s what we are currently reduced to. 

While we were all told that the team planned on being active in the later waves of free agency, I’m admittedly surprised to hear that the team is actively seeking the services of former Buffalo Bill Jabari Greer.  Greer is an enticing possible addition for a bevy of reasons.

One, we could definitely use the help in the defensive backfield.  I may be in the minority, but I like Brandon McDonald.  Put him in the nickel, and I like him even more.  Secondly, Greer is considerably younger – just turning 27 – than a few of the other options that have been rumored around these parts.  And thirdly, the former Tennessee Volunteer has played all 16 games in three of his five seasons; something that we can say about very few members of the Browns.

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WFNY Podcast #10

That’s right, folks.  Double digits.

This week’s podcast features Lane Adkins of the OBR.  We talk B.Q.’s leadership, Braylon’s immaturity, Donte’s inability to stay on the field, the overvaluing of Jason Wright and who’s not likely to suit up.  As a bonus, we even manage to get a prediction for the game against the Denver Broncos.  A huge thanks to Lane for his time.

As always, please send us your questions, comments, thoughts, show ideas, critiques, etc to, and once again a special thanks goes out to Bob at Cavs Board for producing the podcast.  Do Enjoy.