August 26, 2014

Brian Spaeth on the PD layoffs, 2 Guns, Indians attendance, The Wolverine and much more – WFNY Podcast – 2013-08-08

WFNY Podcast LogoBrian and I talked about a lot of things today other than the movies. Check out Brian on Twitter @brianspaeth or at his website

  • The Plain Dealer laying off employees
  • cutting delivery dates
  • the future of the newspaper business
  • 2 Guns movie review
  • Is Mark Wahlberg somehow underrated?
  • Brian Spaeth takes a bathroom break
  • The Indians attendance issue and how contentious it is on twitter
  • NBA Twitter vs. NFL Twitter vs. MLB twitter
  • The Wolverine and whether it needed to be made or not
  • Michael Bay movies
  • Should Darren Aranofsky have stayed on Wolverine?
  • Craig is lazy about putting plugs in his show notes
  • He shouldn’t be so lazy with his show notes

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Scott Raab on Jimmy Haslam, Roger Goodell, the Plain Dealer, Riley Cooper and Danny Salazar – WFNY Podcast – 2013-08-06

WFNY Podcast LogoScott Raab and I went on an audio journey this evening. It started very focused on Cleveland sports, but once we hit the Plain Dealer topic, things went all over the place. Enjoyed it just the same.

  • J.G. Spooner’s dislike of the cancer kid touchdown run
  • Servicemen surprising their family on a football field
  • P.R. stunts and whether or not they’re harmful
  • Roger Goodell’s head injury youth football camp
  • The NFL and head injuries compared with tobacco companies and cancer
  • Should the media have asked anything but Jimmy Haslam questions?
  • Could I have thought of anything to ask Roger Goodell?
  • What’s the dynamic between Jimmy Haslam and Roger Goodell?
  • Danny Salazar and his potential to be better than Jaret Wright
  • How important is it to make the playoffs for the organization?
  • The Indians took the payroll down into the $40 million range
  • Scott’s dramatic pause makes me think he hung up
  • The Plain Dealer dropping circulation and staff
  • What does the future look like?
  • Darwinism in capitalism
  • Healthcare and government and dollars getting in the way of logic
  • Riley Cooper and the “racism thing”
  • Riley Cooper’s apologies and how good they were [Read more...]

Chris Perez can talk or not, and that’s all he should control

Chris Perez Twitter PicMany at this site have been some of the biggest supporters of Chris Perez. Until today I would have considered myself among them. As always, I only speak for myself and not everyone at this site, but today – assuming the reports are true – I can’t support Chris Perez. In his Indians Insider column from the 27th, Paul Hoynes wrote that Perez told a team official that he “would talk to reporters, but only if two reporters were excluded from the interview.” Opinion is a fluid thing in this life, and considering what has happened with the Indians, Indians fans, and Chris Perez over the last two years, he’s way out of line this time. More importantly, it’s time for the Indians to step up and do something about it.

Chris Perez had the luxury of mostly being right in the past. He was out there getting guys out, piling up saves for a team that was in first place and had lackluster fan support. He didn’t want to sit idly by and not speak his mind about it and I prefer my athletes say something interesting rather than nothing at all. In a world of “one day at a time” quotes, Chris Perez was doing good work. When he was “caught” on YouTube cursing out some fans in Oakland, I supported him then too. He didn’t know he was being recorded and those two guys dared him to talk, which he did. Some thought Perez came off looking like a punk, but I felt like those two Oakland fans deserved the tongue lashing. Yes, Perez kind of put his foot in his mouth with regard to the Carlos Beltran free agency, but other than that I felt good having Perez’ back. [Read more...]

WFNY Podcast – 2012-12-05 – As much Brian Spaeth as you can handle

This is a very different kind of WFNY podcast. As opposed to when we talk Cleveland sports current events instead this time I grabbed Brian Spaeth to talk about whatever came up. Brian is an Internet staple and he has tons of projects out there that are worthy of promotion, so here goes… First and foremost you can find him on Twitter and you can also check out his website / Blog You can subscribe to Brian’s podcast on iTunes. You can watch the kids Youtube show Turtlecalls that I did with Brian as well. Probably most importantly, if you want to read Brian’s most recent book you can find it at Amazon. Man that’s a lot of stuff, but all of it worthy of checking out.

[Read more...]

Report: Tony Grossi leaving the Plain Dealer

Tony Grossi announced via his twitter feed that he will be leaving the Plain Dealer-

“After more than 30 years, I am leaving the Plain Dealer. And thanks to Peyton Manning for stealing my thunder.”

Grossi was of course removed from the Cleveland Browns beat earlier this year for a tweet about Browns owner Randy Lerner in which Grossi called Lerner “a pathetic figure, the most irrelevant billionaire in the world”.

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Report: Tony Grossi Out as Browns Beat Reporter

Scene Magazine’s Vince Grzegorek has reported that The Plain Dealer has removed Tony Grossi from the Cleveland Browns beat. Grossi “accidentally tweeted” last week calling Browns owner Randy Lerner “a pathetic figure, the most irrelevant billionaire in the world”.

Vince writes-

“He was in hot water with his editors and bosses at the PD over the inadvertent tweet, which displayed a huge bias — hatred even — toward the Browns’ owner. There was an obvious question whether he could objectively continue to cover the beat, the answer to which came when the Plain Dealer weighed in today with the move.”

Many Cleveland sports fans on twitter and facebook (and in our comment section) have been calling for Grossi’s removal for years, and aren’t very sympathetic to his dismissal today. There has been no official word from the PD on the disciplinary action or any potential replacements. (For full disclosure, WFNY has a partnership with the PD’s online home,

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