August 20, 2014

Uni Watch: Cavs to Reportedly Wear Electric Blues During 2012-13 Season

As part of their plans to outfit the upcoming 2012-2013 NBA season, Adidas Basketball will reportedly launch a new Retro Nights “REV30″ collection of throwback uniforms for twelve of the league’s thirty teams, one of which being the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Paying homage to the 1990s, the Cavaliers, on these specific retro nights, will be outfitted in the infamous black and electric blue uniforms that are synonymous with the Mike Fratello and Shawn Kemp era of Cleveland basketball. Other kits that will be released include the Barkley era Phoenix Suns, the cartoon Toronto Raptors, and the Glen Robinson Milwaukee Bucks and Dikembe Mutombo Atlanta Hawks jerseys, complete with the cartoon Buck and Hawk, respectively. These jerseys will be (naturally) available for retail purchase as well.

The Cavaliers, having released New Expression uniforms following the summer of 2010, are now beyond their two-year window wherein the NBA forbids teams with new jerseys and/or logos from adding a third jersey to their collective closet. Previous “Cav Fanatic” nights have paid similar homage to the 1990s squads, complete with electric blue and orange piping.

The Revolution 30 name will be popular nomenclature during the upcoming season as Adidas has released a new line of jerseys that are reportedly lighter while having quick-drying technology. They’re made from recylcled materials and will have technology that will decrease rubbing between the jersey and the player.

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(Source: Sole Collector)

Cavaliers Top Bobcats: Scoreboard Watching…

Cavaliers 111, Bobcats 81 (Box)

The Cavaliers were disposing of the Bobcats, meanwhile Boston continued their slide, and Detroit finally had their win streak snapped. Could it be? Could the Cavs (28-6) be the Eastern Conference leader? Are they, at least for the moment, the best team in the league? Could this really be an ESPN reporter saying LeBron to NY makes no sense?

Oh yeah, about the game….

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