Can the Browns rivalry with the Steelers ever return?


Bill Polian said that he and Tony Dungy had an understanding that he could get his team up to play with just a little bit more intensity just a few times per year. It makes sense. Football players are human and their effort is likely to be somewhat consistent to their abilities most of the


WFNY Debate: Do NFL coaches even matter?


In case it hasn’t been clear yet, the WFNY writers email each other a lot. And I mean a lot. So on top of our two email-based roundtables already this week (post-Kelly rumors and post-Chudzinski hire), we bring you inside the famed Gmail inbox for a look at a Friday debate: This time, we’re talking


Between a RAC and a Hard Place

It has been quite well documented on this site that Romeo Crennel is on the hot seat as coach of the Browns. In fact, it’s not the first season where there have been questions about his coaching, his leadership, or his future with the team. An interesting article about Crennel and his current situation with


02/05 Morning Minute: So Long, Bobby

Wow, I have to apologize for the later post today.  It took me a while to get through all of the quality posts that went up yesterday.  I definitely recommend checking them out – especially the interview with Brian Cook.  Good stuff, regardless of allegiance. What will likely be the biggest news today has nothing