August 26, 2014

2013 NBA Finals, 2013 NBA Draft, Heat, Spurs, Cavaliers thoughts with Brendan Bowers – WFNY Podcast – 2013-06-20

WFNY Podcast LogoAmazingly enough I hadn’t caught up with Brendan Bowers on the podcast since I relaunched it. So, today I finally did. We talked about the game seven happening tonight in Miami. We talked about the draft and what the Cavaliers should really be focused on as they head into 2013/14.

  • The 2013 NBA finals and what the subtext is
  • The storylines in the game for Cleveland
  • Watching the two very best teams in the NBA right now
  • Could the NBA benefit from a shorter schedule?
  • Spreading the game out to 50 games
  • Does the game come down to the three point shot tonight?
  • Does it just come down to the supporting casts?
  • Manu Ginobili was awful in game six and great in game five
  • What do you think of the referee storyline with Joey Crawford
  • Should Joey Crawford have ever reffed game six?
  • LeBron James can set the tone at times without stuffing the stat sheet
  • 2013 NBA draft and what the Cavaliers should do
  • Bowers took Otto Porter
  • The healthy relationship that the Cavs fans and media have with the draft process now
  • The Cavs overvaluing the #1 pick in trade talks according to rumors
  • What are you looking for the Cavs to achieve should they trade the pick?
  • In his third year Kyrie Irving deserves a chance to make the playoffs
  • Are we looking at risking the maturity of the roster or are we risking Kyrie Irving leaving Cleveland?
  • The sense of urgency to the sense of patience [Read more...]

Former Indians Pitcher Tom Candiotti Featured in ESPN Exposé on Athlete Infidelity

When one thinks of athlete infidelity, Tiger Woods, Brett Favre and Tony Parker will come to the forefront of the mind given the last 12 months of ill-cast spotlight.  But after reading Elizabeth Merrill and Amy K. Nelson’s latest piece in’s “Outside the Lines” section, we get an athlete name that would not top many lists when it comes to such a topic: former Cleveland Indians pitcher Tom Candiotti.

But it may not be what you think.  While the Candy Man had one heck of a knuckleball, he did not have a heram of mistresses or a monumental sexting scandal from which to hang his red-billed hat.  Instead, it is he and his second wife Donna, who was interviewed for the piece, discussed the “athlete code” to which they were bound, to not tell other wives what they would see on road trips. [Read more...]

Cavs hang around for a quarter, then get blown out by Spurs 116-92

I didn’t expect the Cavs to win either or both of these road games this weekend.  So when they came out firing on offense during the first quarter Saturday night in San Antonio, I was pleasantly surprised.  

Mo Williams led the way early, making a valiant attempt to set the tempo for his road squad.  In his second game back, he went for 11 in the opening period on 4 of 6 from the field. 

Daniel Gibson added six of his own in the first quarter off the bench, and even Danny Green came in and knocked down a three.  Wait, what?  Anthony Parker - Cavalier – hit his first shot of the game as well, and the Cavaliers converted on their final six possessions of the period to take a 29-28 lead into that commercial break between quarters.  An encouraging moment of the broadcast. [Read more...]

Mo Williams Bounces Back as Cavs Top Spurs, 97-95

90043860GS011_SAN_ANTONIO_SThe last time the Cavaliers won without LeBron James in the lineup, Sasha Pavlovic and Ira Newble were counted on to play a heavy amount of minutes.  Given this, it was fitting that last night’s 97-95 win over the San Antonio Spurs featured at least 30 minutes from Jawad Williams, Delonte West and Anderson Varejao – all of whom are (typically) bench players this season.

It was a night where it appeared that the team was dropping like flies.  James was out once again, nursing a sore ankle.  Center Shaquille O’Neal continues to recover from his surgically repaired thumb.  Midway through the game, Anthony Parker was forced to leave with a jammed finger.  And adding even more salt to the wounds, newly acquired forward Antawn Jamison was forced to leave the contest with a sore knee.

Nevertheless, the Cavaliers managed to outscore the Spurs 25-19 in the fourth quarter to record their 50th win of the 2009-10 season.

[Read more...]

LeBron James Takes Over France (Video)

What do you get when you combine LeBron James with Mickael Pietrus, Tony Parker, Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Eminem and a ton of French NBA fans?  Well, as long as you have a high definition recording device and excellent editing abilities, you get a pretty sweet video.

After the jump, check out James’ tour stop in Paris complete with on- and off-court action all mixed to the lead track from the MTAG Soundtrack (“Forever”).  Also make sure to check out Pietrus’ t-shirt, which would have been that much better had the Cavs topped the Magic last spring.  Even if you’re not a fan of hip-hop, the video is great – especially the clip at the very end.  A few rounds of Great Lakes to Skeets for the find. 

Do Enjoy… [Read more...]

Spurs vs. Cavs – Open Thread

The Cavs are looking to turn this thing around on Sunday vs the San Antonio Spurs.  Follow along here as the Cavs look to do it even more short-handed than normal as Anderson Varejao sits out with a bruised wrist.  Darnell Jackson gets the start to keep Joe Smith coming off the bench.  Who knows?  We might even see Hickson or Lorenzen Wright today.

Go Cavs.

Oh yeah, and the Cavs were able to get insurance to pay Eric Snow’s contract this year, and now he has been officially dropped from the Cavs’ roster.

Cavaliers preview Game #77: Spurs at Cavs

large_cavs-spurs-2-300x259Cleveland Cavaliers (61-15, 1st in Eastern Conference)    San Antonio Spurs (49-26, 3rd in Western)                          Sunday, April 4, 2009 – 3:00 PM                                                Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH                                     ABC/WTAM

As Joe Mantegna Verbal Kint said in The Usual Suspects, “And like that – poof.  He’s gone”.  That’s what can be said about the Cavs’ three game lead over the Lakers for the best record in the league.  With losses to the Wizards and the Magic in the past three days the Cavs have given up ground to not only the Lakers (who are now one game back) but also to the Celtics and Magic, who are now 3.5 and 4.5 games behind in the Eastern Conference standings, respectively. [Read more...]

Cavs Take Care of Depleted Spurs

Eric Gay / AP

Eric Gay / AP

Cavs 97, Spurs 86 (Box Score)

So many times this season, I have been so caught up in the Cavs’ injury issues that I sometimes forget that the teams the Cavs get to play are rarely at full strength either.  Such was the case last night with the San Antonio Spurs.  I was still pondering defensive fortitude in a post-Ben Wallace universe and then the game started.  San Antonio had Tony Parker, but they were without Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili.

The San Antonio starting five consisted of Parker, Michael Finley, Kurt Thomas, Roger Mason, and Matt Bonner.  Those aren’t exactly the guys who are responsible for those banners in the rafters.  Still, they are a deep veteran team and they were playing at home.  If the Cavs had continued playing the way they did against Houston the night before, unable to shoot from pretty much anywhere on the floor, San Antonio easily could have made it a game.

But they didn’t really.  The Cavs jumped out to a quick first quarter lead of 27-13.  They gave back 7 in the second quarter losing that quarter 18-25 for a lead of 45 – 38.  Then the Cavaliers exploded in the third quarter, dropping a 32 on the board while holding San Antonio to 18.  From there Lebron was able to rest the entire fourth quarter with a big lead. [Read more...]

There’s no defending Manu!

manucle.jpgWhat can you do? You shoot 51% as a team. You out-rebound your opponent. You hold their star player to 23 points on 38% shooting. LeBron scores 39, Hughes continues his hot streak with 26 points hitting 58% of his shots. The bench comes through with productive minutes from Devin Brown, Donyell Marshall and Damon Jones. None of it matters however, as Manu Ginobili rips the nets for 46 on an unbelievable 75% field goal percentage! He hit 8 of his 11 triples.

What can you do? Do you run two and three players at him as the Cavs did at the end of the game? Do you give Bruce Bowen wide open looks because of it? Bowen knocked down all 4 of his shots, including 2 three pointers. Do you trap Manu? Do you pull LeBron off reserve Ime Udoka? The Cavs did that too, and Udoka hit all 4 of his shots including a huge three in the fourth quarter. Do you foul Manu, sending him to the line? The Cavs did that as well, and Manu hit 8 of his 9 free throws. How much pressure do you try to put on Manu when that leaves Tim Duncan open underneath? Truth is Cavs fans, there was no beating Manu and the Spurs on this night. Nothing worked, nothing rattled him, nothing made a difference as he drilled shot, after shot, after shot. [Read more...]

02/13 Morning Minute: Brady Quinn’s Escapades

Brady Quinn
In news that probably won’t go over well regardless of his actual involvement, Brady Quinn’s name has now been linked to an altercation that occurred early on New Year’s Day in Columbus, Ohio. The 9-1-1 call has been posted on, and the caller is definitely quick to call out Quinn as one of the members in the spat.  Unfortunately for the quarterback, many will likely be quick to toss his name in the ring of bigots.

On the 9-1-1 call, Harris said that “Brady Quinn from the Browns” was “trying to cause a fight.” Harris told the operator, “I just walked outside and he exchanged many profanities with me and called me a faggot, of course.”

Reached Monday by The Plain Dealer, Harris confirmed that Quinn was the person who used the slur.

As I slap my forehead on this one, we need to remember that Quinn’s name has been tossed around the blogosphere for quite some time, linked to pictures that can be considered to be compromising to say the least.  As Derek Anderson started to turn up his game, Quinn started to fade away a bit – which lead to this post regarding his efforts to console a family which he had never met.

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