August 15, 2014

What kinds of fans is the NBA catering to now?

I want to root for the Cavaliers and the Cavaliers only. I’ve stated that a lot of times over the past year. I don’t want to watch superstar matchups on TNT and crack about Craig Sager and the boys back in the studio unless the Cavaliers are playing. This season that meant that I didn’t watch a TNT broadcast all year long.1 More and more though, I think those TNT fans are the target market of the NBA. And now, I have proof, albeit anecdotal.

I was walking around Aurora Farms the other day and I ran into a pack of dudes who were probably high school seniors. Certainly old enough to drive themselves to the conglomeration of stores. They were white kids, walking around talking about the NBA all wearing jerseys.2 One had Kevin Durant. One had Derrick Rose. One had the Houston Rockets iteration of Tracy McGrady and one had Raptors Vince Carter.3 They were quizzing each other on facts about their respective guys as I happened to run into them in both the Nike and Under Armour stores.

“Hey. Do you know what number Durant wears for the Olympics?”4 They were really having a lot of fun talking about the NBA while wearing their jerseys in a clear Cavaliers market with nary a Cavalier represented among them. [Read more...]



  1. OK. I watched one game when my family and I were driving to Orlando for vacation and it was on in the hotel bar somewhere in Georgia while I was unwinding with a beer. But I didn’t control the TV and I couldn’t hear the sound, so I don’t think it counts, really. []
  2. They had neither sleeves nor the proverbial “guns” to justify going sleeveless, but that’s irrelevant to the story. []
  3. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the McGrady and Carter duo were cousins just like McGrady and Vince Carter are? []
  4. The answer is 5, BTW. []

While We’re Waiting…Cavs Free Agent pursuits, Browns QB depth, Skip Lou Brown

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Radical Cavs plans for next season: “LeBron James couldn’t convince any star free agents (most notably Chris Bosh) to join him in Cleveland on his quest for a championship, so it’s highly unlikely that Dan Gilbert will experience success in recruiting the league’s star power in any upcoming free agent class. Players must be willing to come to Cleveland, even possibly looking for a “second chance” when they have been written off by the other teams in the league. Two free agents that are still available fit this mold: Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady. Iverson has been labeled as a selfish locker room cancer who is unwilling to accept a lesser role on any team he plays for in the league. McGrady has also been cast aside by many teams because of his lack of postseason success and nagging injuries. Although McGrady has appeared in a number of postseasons with the Orlando Magic and the Houston Rockets, hard fought Game Sevens are all the small forward has to show for his career. If both of these players could come to Cleveland, either in sign and trade deals or free agent signings, Cleveland would not only have two new stars to cheer for during the season, but these deals would allow the Cavaliers to retain enough flexibility to build around young talent as well.” [Chris/Cleveland Hope]

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While We’re Waiting… Free Antawn, Abolish Mariotti, and Play Jawad

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Cavaliers Wizards BasketballBased on his record on the court, in the locker room and in the community, it is hard to find many better human beings in the NBA than Antawn Jamison. This is the era of athletes falling from grace; but for now, Jamison belongs up there. [...] All of that is why the Wizards now owe it Jamison to trade him and give him a chance with another team. They have been grasping on to this group for years hoping for health, luck and the right playoff seed. But for various reasons, much of it plain bad luck and a rising superstar in Cleveland, they haven’t gotten there. Now with the Arenas suspension and the Pollin death and the impending doom (DeShawn Stevenson called it a “black cloud” over the team), there are no more illusions. The dam has broken, it is over in Washington. [Brian Windhorst]

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While We’re Waiting… Decade’s Best, Tribe’s Defense, and Rose Bowl Updates

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lebron-james-st-vincent-st-maryBest high school player of the decade: “This is what his high school coach said:  “He had the best hand-eye coordination and the best reflexes I’d ever seen. He did things that you can’t teach.” 

And this is what the scout said: “He has the longest arms of any player I’ve seen. He has huge hands and can outleap anyone. In 20 years of doing this, he’s one of the top 10 prospects I’ve seen at his position.”

This is where I tell you that they were talking about LeBron James.  The high school football player.  This is where you know that the State Farm-sponsored fantasy would not have been so far fetched.” [Ryan Jones/SLAMOnline]

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While We’re Waiting… BJ Raji’s Future, Mo’s Motivation, and Andrew Bynum’s Knee

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Using the NFL Draft as a signal for the future: “Were the Browns to select BC NT BJ Raji at five, as some sources speculate they will, it could be a significant suggestion Robaire [Smith] is not being counted upon to return to his slot as starter alongside Shaun Rogers and Cory Williams.  Then again, it could be an indication that Mangini feels the urgency to protect himself against Rogers’ petulance, inasmuch as the Pro Bowler just a few months back leaked word he no longer wished to be a Cleveland Brown.” [Mark Leonard/OBR Blogs]

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Home Perfection Remains Intact

LeBron James high fiving fansCavaliers 99  Rockets 90 [box]

In a game that often felt like a playoff game in both atmosphere and in physical and intense play, the Cavaliers were able to hang on to beat the Houston Rockets 99-90. The game was everything it was supposed to be. A tough, back and forth affair between two similar teams who both pride themselves on their defense. The Rockets defense did a great job of forcing the Cavaliers into a pretty uncharacteristically high 14 turnovers compared to only 16 assists. This game was far from the Cavaliers best offensive night, but much of the credit must go to Houston’s defense. In the end, though, the Cavaliers did just enough to get the big win.    [Read more...]

Did Danny Ferry See This Coming?

Mike Miller 
Mike may not be wearing a jersey for quite a while
Mike Miller to miss more time?

Heading in to the NBA trade deadline, us folks here at Waiting For Next Year gave our opinion on several rumors, only to wind up with the deal which brought us a bolstered front court as well as two solid guard additions. 

If you look at a few of the comments in each, it would appear that a deal regarding Mike Miller had a more favorable response than those that mentioned Ben Wallaceet al, but we’re definitely happy to take what we were given.  But when discussing the deal with Memphis, this recent report by the Commercial Appeal leads me to believe that it may have been Danny Ferry that opted to not take Memphis’ offer:

This is the third time this season that the Griz have lost six games in a row. … Since trading Pau Gasol to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Grizzlies are 1-10.   Don’t expect [Mike] Miller to return to the court any time soon. “We are looking at several more games,” Iavaroni said. “He has made progress but we don’t want to rush it.”

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02/20 Morning Minute: When a Triple-Double Isn’t Enough

LeBron Sure Could Use Some Help

Granted, the team simply did not play well in last night’s game against Houston, but when your leader goes for 26 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assists and you still lose, it is safe to say that something is wrong.  Combining a sluggish second quarter with a 38 percent clip from the floor, and that’s what you get when you’re facing a team that brings two All-Stars in Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming along with one of the more underrated defenders in Shane Battier.A few quick tidbits on the game:

- Rafer Alston (6’2″) had more blocked shots than Yao Ming (7’6″)
- Don’t forget that the Cavs were in talks to possibly bring Luis Scola (15 points, eight boards, one block) here this past summer
- You never quite realize how many “D’s” we have until you look at a box score. Damon, Dwayne, Donyell, Drew, Daniel, Devin…
- …which is very ironic, considering we allowed 93 points, and
- Alston was the leading scorer, which just magnifies the dire need for point guard help

Which leads to trade talks, as the deadline nears…

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Another one bites the dust…and that’s not good


This is getting ridiculous. Tonight Cavs guard Daniel Gibson left the game with a reported hamstring injury. Already without the services of Pavlovic, Varejao, and Gooden the Cavaliers had no chance against the Rockets, and fell 92-77. LeBron James played well, scoring 32 points and adding 6 assists to go with 7 rebounds. He shot just under 50%, the rest of the Cavs…not so much.

This game was a match-up nightmare for the Cavs. The Rockets are one of the best rebounding teams in the league, as are the Cavs when the front court is intact. The Cavs lost the rebounding battle 55-35. 17 of those Rocket rebounds were offensive. Zydrunas had his hands full with Yao Ming, and wasn’t in position to play much help defense. The Rockets power forward duo of Landry and Scola proved too much for the undersized Cleveland reserves. The smaller Cavs had to resort to more double teams down low, which opened up the outside shooters, and Houston took advantage of open looks particularly in the third quarter. [Read more...]