August 26, 2014

Cleveland Cavaliers’ Trade Exception Might Still Be Valid

Remember back a long time ago, before all this lockout hoopla when we used to discuss things like the Cleveland Cavaliers’ $14.5 million trade exception they earned in the LeBron James trade?

I know, it’s hard to remember that far back, but it’s time to start thinking trade exception again. I know what you’re thinking, “Didn’t that trade exception expire when the lockout started?”. The answer is, not necessarily.

Earlier Wednesday morning, Brian Windhorst tweeted the following: [Read more...]

On trading Ramon Sessions, and the Cavs Trade Exception

Ever since Nick Gilbert won the draft lottery, it’s appeared that two of the Cavaliers primary trade chips heading into June 23rd’s NBA Draft include Ramon Sessions and the Trade Exception. 

The inevitable drafting of Kyrie Irving will soon make Ramon Sessions the third PG behind the number one overall pick along with Baron Davis, and Sessions has too much value to be buried as such on a rebuilding team.   

Somebody will want Sessions, and I do expect the Cavaliers to exhaust all opportunities to trade him.  As would they explore all opportunities to move guys like Antawn Jamison, I’m just not sure anybody wants Tawn at this point.  But as far as Sessions being a back-up PG for a playoff team, or maybe a starter somewhere else, there is certainly interest. 

According to Jason Lloyd of the ABJ this morning, Ramon hasn’t demanded a trade up to this point; not yet anyway: [Read more...]

Memphis Grizzlies Have No Interest In Trading Rudy Gay To Cleveland

We’ve heard plenty of rumors regarding the Cleveland Cavaliers recently, some of them legit, some of them downright laughable. The one that has seem to stuck the most, though, is the rumor that the Cavs were interested in trading for Memphis Grizzlies’ SF Rudy Gay.

Perhaps the Cavaliers did have some interest, but it was always questionable whether the Grizzlies would be interested in trading Gay. The common thought was that the Grizzlies’ playoff run without Gay made him expendable and that they would be open to shedding the giant contract they gave him last year. Dan Gilbert has proven he will spare no expense, so a deal actually kind of made sense.

But according to Grizzlies owner Mike Heisley, we can stop all that talk right now. In a phone interview with the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Heisley makes it clear that the Grizzlies are not trading Gay: [Read more...]

NBA Trade Rumors: Andre Iguodala on the Move?

With trade rumors abound, a familiar name is back in the mix with regard to the Cleveland Cavaliers: Philadelphia 76ers swingman Andre Iguodala.

In a recent interview with AOL FanHouse’s Tim Potvak, Iguodala says that he anticipates that he will be calling another city home before this February’s trade deadline.  And given last year’s interest in the athletic small forward, the Cleveland Cavaliers find their name in the hat of potential suitors.

Cleveland fans are in the midst of a rebuild, but have seen their New Expression Cavaliers beat the 76ers on more than one occasion this season.  It was Phildelphia (currently 3-13) that helped break the team’s losing streak in the confines of Quicken Loans Arena – they allowed Anderson Varejao (8.2 ppg average) to score a season-high 23 points.  It is also a rebuilding Philadelphia team that is rife with young, talented players like Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner that could ultimately force them to unload a veteran with a skill set like that of Iguodala.

The questions then remain: Would Iguodala be a good fit, and what would Cleveland have to give up to acquire his services? [Read more...]

Cavaliers’ Trade Exception Will Be a Running Story in the 2010-11 Season

Despite no longer having LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers will still have several interesting storylines to follow this year. Of course everyone will want to watch and see how the Cavaliers play with their franchise player no longer a part of the franchise. I’m sure an ongoing storyline will be Byron Scott’s performance in his first season with the Cavaliers. How will Andy Varejao adapt without his partner in crime in the pick and roll game? Will JJ Hickson continue his development or will he go backward without the safety net of LeBron? Will/can the Cavaliers trade Mo Williams and/or Antawn Jamison? Will Ramon Sessions rebound back to his Milwaukee form?

Those are all interesting storylines to keep an eye on, but perhaps the biggest question that will linger over the Cavaliers all season long has to deal with the Trade Exception the Cavaliers picked up in the LeBron James trade. Until they either use it or it expires, you can count on Cavalier fans relentlessly inquiring as to whether the Cavs will use it and who they might use it to acquire. [Read more...]