Every second contract signed by Browns draft picks since 1999

NFL Model3

Successful NFL franchises are built upon the cyclical nature of the athletes on their team. The team drafts new players to be taken under the wing of veteran players in their prime, and the front office supplements the roster with useful but inexpensive players for depth. The prime veteran players are allowed to leave before

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Johnny Manziel and the prevailing Cleveland Browns sadness

Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns Practice

Sports are supposed to be fun, aren’t they? Well, I am not getting enjoyment out of the impending Cleveland Browns cutting ties with Johnny Manziel. It’s a complex issue even given the clarity of being the right one for everyone involved. We’ve just seen so much in Cleveland and with so many different types of

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Gimme RG3, plus music from Atmosphere: While We’re Waiting…

Cleveland Sports

Seems like a good idea to get RG3 to CLE.

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Silly seasons, LeBron James and Judd Apatow and Hop Along: While We’re Waiting

Cleveland Sports

It’s been a week I guess. I’ve been way too busy and way too sparse with the sports takes. Trying to solve that today… While We’re Waiting… Losing my motivation to talk about silly things and the Browns are doing kind of normal things… Maybe I’m getting old and crotchety, but I just can’t bring

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Browns draft rumors include Sam Bradford and Melvin Gordon

Phillip Taylor,  Sam Bradford, Harvey Dahl

In the continuing saga of silly season, there’s so much information that none of it might mean anything at all. That is until tonight when the actual NFL Draft commences from Chicago. Regardless, it’s a time to dream about rebuilding the Cleveland Browns and making them a contender in the AFC North. The latest way to

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Trent Richardson signs on with the Oakland Raiders

Darth Raider

The Indianapolis Colts cut bait with Trent Richardson and now we know where T-Rich will attempt to do his Marshawn Lynch impression. The Oakland Raiders announced the signing on their Twitter page. The Raiders have signed free agent RB Trent Richardson. #WelcomeToTheFamily pic.twitter.com/ZHmkFPVb01 — OAKLAND RAIDERS (@RAIDERS) March 17, 2015 I won’t be actively rooting

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Trent Richardson believes he can be the next Marshawn Lynch

Trent Richardson Indianapolis Colts Cleveland Browns

Free agent running back Trent Richardson thinks he can be the next Marshawn Lynch. Yes, you read that correctly. After being released by the Indianapolis Colts last Thursday, Richardson is looking for a new team located in a place where he can revitalize his career—a career that has been very disappointing thus far—and believes his

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Former No. 3 overall pick Trent Richardson released by Colts

Shurmur Richardson Weeden Heckert

Ah, you look at that picture and you think about what could have been. Former Browns No. 3 overall pick Trent Richardson was released by the Indianapolis Colts today, the team announced via press release. The running back from Alabama had a strong rookie year for the Browns in 2012, rushing for 950 yards and

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The Colts suspension of Trent Richardson voids over $3.1 million


The tale of Trent Richardson gets stranger by the day. No, I’m not talking about him getting traded or his continual disappointment between the lines on an NFL field. I’m talking about his very standing in the league and with his current team, the Indianapolis Colts. Trent Richardson missed the Colts’ final two playoff games

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A Browns-centric look at the NFL Conference Championships

Will Gibson/WFNY

Ihope you’re sitting down: The Cleveland Browns did not make the NFL playoffs this year. A shocker, I know. It looked like they might sneak in for a minute, but a December swoon saw the Browns finish 7-9, which, to be fair, was their best record in seven years. Again, Browns fans could only watch

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Cleveland Browns vs. Indianapolis Colts: Behind the Box Score

Brian Hoyer Cleveland Browns

Brian Hoyer struggled, Billy Cundiff missed a gimme, and the Cleveland Browns defense was world class. Add it all up and it equals a one point win for Indianapolis. Despite two defensive touchdowns and holding the Colt’s high powered offense in check, Cleveland’s offense crippled the team, allowing Andrew Luck enough of a window to

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Better Back: Trent Richardson or Isaiah Crowell?

Cleveland Browns Isaiah Crowell

A year ago Cleveland said “good riddance” to Trent Richardson, collecting a first round pick in exchange for his 3.5 yards-per-carry average. Instead of letting bygones be bygones and Trent fading into the obscurity that swallows the Indianapolis Colts’ running back position, Browns fans kept Richardson alive, collectively taking to twitter to bask in each

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Did Trent Richardson trash the Colts offensive line?

Trent Richardson Indianapolis Colts Cleveland Browns

It’s a big week of NFL football for the Cleveland Browns as many former players come to the lakefront as members of the Colts. The Colts hired Rob Chudzinski as a special assistant to the head coach. They recently signed Josh Cribbs. They’ve got former Browns safety Mike Adams. And of course, there’s a former Browns

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NFL trade deadline might be a lost cause

Ray Farmer Cleveland Browns NFL Trade Deadline

You get the feeling that the NFL would love to pump up their trade deadline, but as Greg Garber points out at ESPN, reluctance rules the day. It’s the only thing in a nearly 365-day NFL year that the league hasn’t been able to turn into an event. There are some examples of deals that

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Joe Banner discusses Brian Hoyer and trading Trent Richardson

Joe Banner Cleveland Browns

We’ve already discussed Joe Banner’s Twitter account on these pages. Many still won’t even believe it’s the real deal, preferring to assume like many other accounts that @JoeBanner13 is a fake. Anyway, this morning Mr. Banner recounted what it was like one year ago today when he traded Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts. a

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Is this Trent Richardson’s last chance to prove he’s not a bust?


This season marks Trent Richardson’s last chance to claim he isn’t an NFL draft bust. While many consider him an unmitigated bust already (“Two yards per carry!”), he’s still a physical specimen that will make just about any coaching staff think they can work with him. And there are some mitigating factors for his struggles

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What would it look like if the Browns traded for Mike Wallace?


There was a sense of relief that the Cleveland Browns didn’t sign Mike Wallace last off-season after the details of his contract emerged. The fact is, as badly as the Cleveland Browns needed help at receiver, it was an absurdly large contract. How absurd? Now that there’s been a shakeup in the Dolphins front office

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D’Qwell Jackson follows Chud, T-Rich to Indianapolis Colts


The Browns were kind to give D’Qwell Jackson a chance to sell himself around the NFL and make the best choice for himself. As it turns out, the best choice was in Indianapolis where Jackson is reported to be pulling a 4-year deal worth $22 million ($11 million guaranteed) with the Colts. Jackson follows former

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Cleveland Browns say farewell to their leader, release D’Qwell Jackson


Once upon a time I thought that D’Qwell Jackson was going to be cut by Joe Banner for financial reasons. Now it appears that the financial reasons were good enough for Ray Farmer as well. Mary Kay Cabot reports that the Browns have said goodbye to the team’s long-tenured linebacker and leader after eight seasons

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Indianapolis Colts hire Rob Chudzinski as special assistant

"Back-handed? Really?"

Former Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski will be joining the Indianapolis Colts as a special assistant, the team announced on Saturday. The Browns fired Chudzinski, 45, on Dec. 29 after their final game of the season. Cleveland eventually replaced him with Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine. Over in Indianapolis, Chudzinski will join the

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