Cavs vs Magic Behind the Box Score: Signs of a fun April?

AP Photo/John Raoux

Talk about a boring game. But boring in the best way ever. The Cavaliers were ready to play from the start in this one, and they never let up as they absolutely crushed the Magic by a 119-98 score. This one had a little bit of everything and everyone. Kyrie Irving came back and played


Cavs vs Raptors Behind the Box Score: One ugly way to win a game

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The Cavaliers started out playing great basketball on both ends of the court. In the 3rd quarter they extended the lead to 18 points at 81-63. Then they turned the offense switch to the “Off” position, and with with just under 7 minutes remaining in the game, Greivis Vasquez hit a three point shot to


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Turmoil often leads to reaction. You can attempt to rectify your prior poor decisions with new ones, but oftentimes this is analogous to doubling down at a blackjack table in hopes of catching a hot hand. We often expect things to simply work out. Our decisions that were, at the time, supported by well-thought and careful


Cavs vs. Jazz Behind The Boxscore: A single triple double!


If the Cavaliers have done one thing consistently this season, it’s give fans anxiety with their inability to handle any sort of success. They came out in this home matchup against the Utah Jazz incredibly flat on offense and slow on defense. Then, the Utah Jazz started missing and they never stopped for the rest


Your Post-Trade Deadline Cleveland Cavaliers Viewing Guide

Because masochism isn’t for everyone I hate winter. Seriously. I woke up today at 7:00 a.m., barely able to breath for the fifth straight day. I spent the next two minutes trying to vacate my nasal cavity of what I suspect was approximately a fetrick muckton of the crustiest boogers known to man. I then turned


Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski writes about how the Cavs lost their way

Chris Grant Cavaliers Rookies

Literally minutes after the Cavaliers sealed a rare three-game winning streak on Tuesday night, Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski decided to rain on Cleveland’s parade and release an article about what he’d dug on a seemingly dysfunctional Chris Grant regime. Wojnarowski is the most well connected NBA writer out there and he tends to be the one to


New Cavs GM will have the tools in place to rebuild properly


From the first day Chris Grant took his office as the general manager of the Cavaliers, the buzz word on everybody’s lips was “assets.” As Investopedia describes it, “assets are bought to increase the value of a firm or benefit the firm’s operations.” At the time Grant took over general manager duties for the Cavaliers,


Cavs vs Rockets Behind The Box Score: If the Cavs lose and no one notices, does it count?

Mike Brown

Heading into this latest Cavs game, the season appeared to be as low as could be. After a week of drama and speculation, a New York Daily News report centered on Luol Deng comments painted the team as an absolute mess. Over in Houston on Saturday night, the final result wasn’t that terrible after all,


The Diff: How the Cavs lost momentum during home losses

The Diff

The Diff is your weekly WFNY look into the amazing world of sports statistics. For a complete log of articles, click this link. Last week, I wrote about C.J. Miles’ oddly impressive plus-minus data. This week, I’m logging terrible recent runs against the Cavaliers. This Cleveland Cavaliers season has not gone according to plan. That’s


Cavalier Film Room: Too much help-side and three point consequences

WFNY Cavaliers Film Room

When we last convened in the film room, I was breaking down the offensive rebounding of Tristan Thompson and Anderson Varejao, aka “The Windex Duo”. As always if you have any suggestions for film room topics, you can reach me at Today, we’re going to be talking about help-side defense and what happens when


Behind The Boxscore Cavs vs. Suns: Watch That Third Quarter Step, It’s a Doozy!

BtBS Suns

Wow. At halftime, I was expecting to talk about one of the more glowing wins of the season from both ends of the floor. The Cavaliers shot 55% from the field in that half. They were cutting without the basketball toward the basket, setting effective picks for one another, knocking down mid-range shots, and sharing


Cavs vs. Nuggets Behind The Box Score: Road trip ends on a high note

brown nuggets

There’s no denying that this was a monster victory, likely the best of the season. To complete a five-game Western Conference road trip, the Cleveland Cavaliers just beat the West’s hottest team. A 42-point second quarter led the way for a 117-109 victory over in Denver against a Nuggets squad that was 6-1 in their


Comparing national and local perspective of the Cavs and Browns – Cleveland Scene’s Sam Allard and Andrew Zelman – WFNY Podcast – 2013-01-13

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Today I wanted to talk about the national and local perspective of the Cavs and the Browns. It feels so paranoid, angry and negative locally, but that also can sometimes feel accurate. In various cases, that perspective is backed up nationally. So what’s the right perspective? I talked to Cleveland Scene’s new owner Andrew Zelman


Rudy Gay, Sacramento Kings host suddenly streaking Cavaliers

Isaiah Thomas, Tristan Thompson

The Cleveland Cavaliers are suddenly an exciting team to watch. Just like that, after a trade for a two-time All-Star and a double-digit road win – just the third in four seasons – and the season has turned around again. Tonight, they continue their five-game Western Conference road trip in Sacramento. The Kings are 12-22,


Cavs vs. Jazz Behind The Boxscore: Offense! Honest-to-goodness offense!


Luol Deng made his Cavalier debut tonight in Utah, and it couldn’t have went much better for the Wine and Gold. Deng showed some nice things in a 4-for-8 shooting effort for 10 points in 21 minutes, but it was the Cavaliers’ 39-point third quarter explosion that allowed them to jump out to an insurmountable


WFNY Stats & Info: Cavs frontcourt’s potential without Bynum

andy tristan

It’s no secret that the Cleveland Cavaliers were not a good basketball team with since-departed Andrew Bynum on the court. Heck, they obviously haven’t been good overall with their 12-23 record, but it was particular awful with the current free agent. In Bynum’s 480 minutes, the Cavs had a -11.3 net efficiency rating per 100


Cavs vs. Bucks Behind The Boxscore: Kyrie beats the flu and Milwaukee too

Cavs Bucks

U-G-L-Y. This game certainly had no alibi for the first three and a half quarters. The Bucks, missing nearly half of their roster including three starters, played the Cavaliers hard as both teams struggled to play aesthetically pleasing basketball. What we did see, however, was a thrilling finish that saw huge shots from several different


Cavalier Film Room: Conceding The Defensive Glass

WFNY Cavaliers Film Room

Last week in the film room, we dove into some of Mike Brown’s defensive principles. This week, it’s pretty obvious where I’m going given Tuesday night’s outcome in the heartbreaking loss at the hands of Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers. As always, if you have an idea for a film room topic, I’m


Cavalier Film Room: Defense: Clipper Tested, Mike Brown approved

WFNY Cavaliers Film Room

Last week in the film room, we looked at Andrew Bynum’s recent big contributions. As always, if you have suggestions for a topic, feel free to contact me at   This week, we’re going to finally dive into Mike Brown’s defensive system and how well the Cavaliers are adopting it through the first quarter