August 15, 2014

Brian Spaeth talks bronies, deli meats and Elysium starring Matt Damon – WFNY Podcast – 2013-08-13

WFNY Podcast LogoBrian Spaeth (@brianspaeth) and Craig Lyndall (@WFNYCraig) talk about lots of stuff and also the movie Elysium.

  • Why did I have a viral podcast?
  • Bronie and The Postal Service?
  • Deli meat and why the world accepts turkey over chicken
  • Brian’s thoughts on deli meats
  • Brian’s intimidated by the deli counter
  • Craig offers to show Brian the ropes of the deli counter
  • Who has $150 dinners?
  • Tipping and talking to the deli counter
  • Elysium should have been directed to 14 and 15 year olds
  • World building and how critical we should be of it
  • Jodi Foster’s performance and how distracting it was
  • Jodi Foster seemed to be a caricature of a bad guy
  • Jodi Foster’s facial expressions didn’t seem to have any life
  • Matt Damon was playing a Hispanic character
  • Neill Blomkamp’s goals were high and he failed to reach them
  • Sharlto Copley looked like Kenny Loggins and was really sinister as the villain
  • Spoilers begin and Brian goes in on world building
  • Sweatshops and technology and why people are working in factories
  • The human fixing machines are distributed one per home
  • Elysium made me think of Caprica more than anything
  • Brian fixes Elysium [Read more...]

U.S. World Cup Team Defeats Turkey 2-1

The United States Men’s National Team was in Philadelphia at Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday for a World Cup warmup “friendly” against Turkey.  It was one of the team’s last games before World Cup action starts on June 12th against England.  With lots of questions about the team, specifically their defense,the U.S. was looking to find some chemistry and potentially some momentum and confidence. After trailing early, the United States came back and defeated Turkey 2-1.

The United States trailed Turkey 1-0 after a first half of relatively uneven play.  When the U.S. was taking care of the ball, they created opportunities.  They were playing relatively wide open.  Counter-attacking was the story of the half.  When the U.S. drove deep into Turkey’s end, they were quickly barraged right back.  This was the case unfortunately for U.S. defenseman Jonathan Spector.  Spector got caught sleeping on the right side of the back line and nearly single-handedly gave up the lone goal. [Read more...]