Randy Lerner, The Browns and the New Business as Usual

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Mike Holmgren’s interactions with the media weren’t perfect this year.  He left everyone with some audio that he could regret some day if he was the type of guy to ever truly regret anything.  I don’t get that sense about him, but certain quotes about playoff tickets could haunt a less confident person.  Anyone who

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Discussion of Updating Progressive Field as Attendance Woes Continue

A month into the season, the Cleveland Indians are ranked dead last in average attendance – 30th out of a possible 30 teams with an average attendance of 15,197.  It is startling to see them listed behind clubs such as Oakland, Florida, Pittsburgh, and Washington.  Only Toronto has a lower average percentage of capacity at

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Indians Will Honor Jacobs This Season

I posed the question last week- do the Indians plan on honoring their fallen former owner this season? I thought a uniform patch would be appropriate. It turns out  the Indians have something else in mind. Vince Grzegorek was able to get the Indians to comment on the situation, and here is the plan- “We

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