August 26, 2014

WFNY Roundtable: Barkevious Mingo and Expectations

Here at WFNY, some of our best post ideas come from our daily email conversations. In the spirit of openness, we wanted our readers to get a sample of what one of these banter sessions look like. Craig sparked an idea about Barkevious Mingo and whether or not he has met our expectations. Normally these conversations take place via email, but for this Roundtable we decided to try a new service called The roundtable discussion takes place below:

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WFNY Curates: Top Albums of All Time

WFNY Podcast LogoIn the latest of our episodes discussing music, Craig and Andrew decided to take some time to talk about our favorite albums of all time. As always, these are just our own personal picks and not so much a declaration of the universal best albums of all time. With that in mind, we thus implore you guys to leave us some comments with your personal favorite albums of all time. We hope you enjoy.

Craig’s Top Ten (In no particular order):

  1. Radiohead – “OK Computer”
  2. Mineral – “End Serenade”
  3. Acid Bath – “When the Kite String Pops”
  4. Pearl Jam – “Ten”
  5. Death Cab For Cutie – “Transatlanticism”
  6. Nine Inch Nails – “The Downward Spiral”
  7. Tool – “Undertow”
  8. Pink Floyd – “Dark Side of the Moon”
  9. Smashing Pumpkins – “Siamese Dream”
  10. Sigur Ros – ( )

Andrew’s Top Ten (In somewhat of an order)

  1. Pearl Jam – “YIELD”
  2. Titus Andronicus – “The Monitor”
  3. Radiohead – “Kid A”
  4. Nine Inch Nails – “The Fragile”
  5. Soundgarden – “Down On The Upside”
  6. Rancid – “…And Out Come The Wolves”
  7. Dead Confederate – “Wrecking Ball”
  8. Weezer – “Pinkerton”
  9. The Thermals – “The Body, The Blood, The Machine”
  10. Drive-By Truckers – “The Dirty South”

Last 5 Out:

  1. Refused – “The Shape of Punk To Come”
  2. The Stooges – “Funhouse”
  3. Queens of the Stone Age – “Songs for the Deaf”
  4. PJ Harvey – “Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea”
  5. Jerry Cantrell – “Degradation Trip Volumes 1&2″




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WFNY Podcast – 2013-03-01 Craig and Andrew Discuss MIT Sloan Conference, Dion Waiters, and more

WFNY Podcast LogoCraig is in Boston this weekend for the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, but that didn’t stop him from calling me up for another podcast episode.

Admittedly, I like most of my fellow WFNY writers are pretty envious that Craig is lucky enough to take in this impressive and prestigious sports media conference in person, and so we started off spending a couple minutes talking about the conference. And from there, the conversation kind of went all over the place.

Here’s just some of the things we discussed…

  • MIT Sloan Conference
  • Our strange inability to remember other writers’ names
  • What do we make of the Shaun Livingston resurgance? Is it luck?
  • What happened in Washington?
  • Coming back from catastrophic injury and overcoming the mental and physical setbacks
  • Polarization on the internet
  • Eric Mangini and the internet muscles on both sides
  • Should the Cavaliers wait until 2014 or should they make a move for someone sooner?
  • Dion Waiters, improvement, and confirmation bias

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WFNY Podcast – 2013-02-02 – WFNY Curates: Deftones

WFNY Podcast LogoFirst off, a warning. This is not a sports podcast. However, with things being kind of quiet in the sports world right now (it’s not like there’s a big game this weekend or anything, right?), and it being the weekend and all, Craig and I decided to try something a little different.

One of both of our favorite bands is the southern California metal band Deftones. So we set out on a task to discuss the band in great detail and talk about some of our favorite songs.

If you’re not a music fan at all, this may not be for you. If you’re Deftones fan, it’s definitely for you. If you like music and are either unfamiliar with the band or don’t necessarily care for it, I suggest giving a quick listen and seeing if we can help articulate what it is that we think is so great about this band.

To bring you to speed on the Deftones, here are our playlists with our favorite Deftones songs.

First, Craig’s:

And here’s mine:

If you notice, we both picked the same song as our favorite Deftones song. Here’s the music video for that song:

And finally, a couple live videos of the band:

We really hope you guys enjoy this, and we’ll probably be doing some similar music themed podcasts in the future.


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WFNY Podcast – 2013-01-31 – The Art Modell Episode

WFNY Podcast LogoThe Art Modell talk has been going strong lately, and in this episode Craig and I discussed the former Browns owner’s upcoming consideration for the pro football Hall of Fame.

We tried as much as possible to not rehash all the excellent pieces that have been written on the subject lately, but some of the topics we discussed include:

  • Is it possible to discuss this issue without bias as Cleveland fans?
  • Is the argument against Modell more about Art himself or about the Hall of Fame itself?
  • Ozzie Newsome’s guest column in the Plain Dealer
  • The perspective from neutral observers on this subject
  • Is there any real chance Modell actually gets in?
  • Much much more…



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Photos: WFNY at the 2012 Greater Cleveland Sports Awards

00 - GSCA Table

You might not have been at the Renaissance Hotel located in downtown Cleveland last night, but five of us from Waiting For Next Year were there for you — Rick, Scott, TD, Jon Cole and I.

Earlier this morning, I shared with you some of the highlights in narrative form. But now it’s something a bit more.

Thus, courtesy of Jon Cole’s awesome photographic skills and our media permission from the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission, we are honored to share with you a look inside the incredible spectacle that is the 2012 Sports Awards. We hope you enjoy the gallery and we look forward to seeing you there next year. [Read more...]

WFNY Podcast – 2012-12-31 – Top Albums of 2012

‘Tis the season for Year-End Best of 2012 lists. Here at WFNY, we’re doing the Top Sports Stories of 2012, but in today’s podcast, Craig and I veered off sports a bit to talk about some of our favorite music of the year. We recognize that this only reflect our own personal interests, but we hope you’ll find the discussion interesting.

Also, we sincerely want to hear from you guys. What were some of your favorite bands and artists of 2012? Let us know in the comments below.

I’ve also included a Playlist I made of some of my favorite songs from some of my top albums of the year. I hope everyone finds something they enjoy on the list.

Craig gave his nod for two of his favorite albums of 2012. One of them is a band called Now, Now and their album is “Threads” and the other one is Of Monsters and Men – “My Head Is An Animal”.

I discussed my Top 5 albums in the podcast, but if anyone wants to see my Top 20 through 6, I’ve listed that below as well. Enjoy!

20. Frank Ocean – “channel ORANGE”
19. Nadja – “Dagdrøm”
18. The Men – “Open Your Heart”
17. Freshkills – “Raise Up The Streets”
16. A Place To Bury Strangers – “Worship”
15. Ty Segall – “Twins”
14. Passion Pit – “Gossamer”
13. Deftones – “Koi No Yokan”
12. Gallows – “Gallows”
11. Bob Mould – “Silver Age”
10. Sleigh Bells – “Reign of Terror”
9. Dirty Projectors – “Swing Lo Magellan”
8. Ceremony – “Zoo”
7. Mark Lanegan Band – “Blues Funeral”
6. Titus Andronicus – “Local Business”

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What We’re Thankful For…

We have a tradition here at WFNY. Each Thanksgiving we take the time to reflect on what has been and what will be and give thanks. This is the fifth edition of What We’re Thankful For. I went back and read the last four. It’s amazing how quick the time rolls by.

Rick- I have so much to be thankful for. It has been a long year, with many changes for me personally. I am thankful that I am now closer to the teams I love. I’m thankful that my wife loves and trusts me enough to follow me to this strange new planet Cleveland. As always, I am thankful that she understands that WFNY is part of who I am and have to be. Thanks Kelly.

More than ever I am thankful for the crew we have assembled. I’m thankful for the guys who have been with us for years and are so reliable- like Mark Price at the free throw line. I’m thankful for the new life that is breathed into the group when someone new begins. It’s exciting to see where your lives are going.

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New WFNY shirt designs available now!

When we introduced the first run of WFNY shirts from GV Art and Design, we really didn’t know what to expect.

It was a little scary ordering all of those shirts without having a clue if anyone would actually want them. Well, we knew we could give some away, but we were pretty unsure if anyone would actually purchase one.

Let’s just say we were blown away by the response.

We thought it might take months to empty the inventory. Instead, they sold out in just a couple weeks. We can’t say thank you enough. We’re honored that you would help us “promote the brand”.

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Waiting For Next Year: Is This the Worst Three-Season Stretch in Cleveland History?

As a young sports fan in Northeast Ohio, I know I haven’t had it as rough as my elders. I wasn’t alive or sports-literate for most of the Browns more recent playoff appearances nor some of the Michael Jordan-related heartbreaks in the ’80s.  The fact that I have yet to celebrate a sports championship — besides the Buckeyes in 2003 — isn’t that peculiar or extraordinary, since the same is also true for my mother and five of my six aunts.

Yet, I know we all like to complain about our fair share of details surrounding the three major Cleveland sports teams. We love talking about how the Cavaliers just were historically awful, the Browns have sucked since their return in ’99 and the awfully depressing state of the Indians. I always tried to stay grounded, however: No matter how much suffering I think I’ve had in my 22 years of life and maybe 18 years of sports-literacy, I really shouldn’t complain compared to the true CLE veterans.

But, my older brother shared with me an interesting realization the other day: When was the last time all three teams were simultaneously this bad? Like, last-place bad? I hadn’t thought of the ol’ Waiting For Next Year mentality in those terms before, so obviously, my mind starting ticking and my research skills got put to some use on the fabulous Interwebs. [Read more...]

Deuce Brand Giveaway Day Two: Facebook Caption Contest

Day Two of our Deuce Brand watch giveaway is here. Congrats to Eric the Rockeye for winning yesterday’s contest.

Today’s contest takes place over on our Facebook page. To enter, all you have to do is head over to the caption contest located here, and leave us a comment *on our Facebook post* with your captions for the photo posted there. Winner will be announced tomorrow. Good luck!

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WFNY Site News

With the Cavaliers season finally winding down and the NFL off-season in full dormancy due to lockout, there just isn’t a whole lot to talk about right now in sports. The Indians will provide some relief, but if recent trends persist and the Tribe falters this season it could be a really long year for us here at WFNY. So, we’ve decided to diversify a bit. Much like we have talked about events like the Olympics and World Cup in the past, we are going to extend ourselves a bit in hopes of adding to the breadth of covered content here on the site.

As it turns out one area of local news that could use a few new voices is local politics. We’ve realized that with the writers we already have here, we have a passionate group on both the right and the left and a couple in the center. With recent topics like SB5 being so big in local news, we feel like as we suffer to fill up these pages every day that we could easily weigh in. The comments sections would be really interesting because of our existing policies regarding personal attacks, language and civility.  The way we see it, we can’t afford not to do it in order to keep the site vibrant and relative even as our sports teams fail us. [Read more...]

Bears 1037, Browns 1031: or Something Like That

Yeah, the final score really doesn’t matter does it? When I saw the ‘starters’ step on the field I figured the points in this one were about as valuable as on Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Chris Jennings

So did we learn anything from this game? Sure. We learned that David Patten isn’t in the Browns plans for this season. Nice of them to let him play the whole game to try and get a look from another team. Honestly though, I would be surprised if he got a sniff. He isn’t exactly fast anymore. [Read more...]

Browns vs Titans- What We Want To See

Chris Johnson

You know the drill. Third preseason game. This one is supposed to resemble an actual football game for at least a half, possibly longer. Obviously we don’t want to see any injuries, (a win would be nice as well!) but aside from that there are a few things that we (WFNY staff) would like to see happen Saturday night.   Here they are- [Read more...]

Cleveland Sports: By The Numbers- #19

What is the greatest uniform number in Cleveland sports history? A number significant to more than just one of the three pro franchises? Today the final part of the week long series…

It’s been a fun series. I regret that I rushed to get the list ready to publish on Monday. Looking back, the list might have changed. Despite the outcry for #25 to make the list, I would have included #14 in the top 5. Whether it pushed out #21 or #42 I’m not sure, but Larry Doby and Otto Graham should have carried the day for #14.

In my mind there is however a clear choice for the title of greatest uniform number in Cleveland sports history. It has to be #19. How great has the number been? Well it isn’t about sheer volume. In fact very few people have actually worn the number. But those that have set the bar high.


From the Indians- #19 Bob Feller. LeBron James is the greatest Cavalier, and he carried his number on the list. Jim Brown is the greatest Cleveland Brown, and he carried his number to the list. Rapid Robert is arguably the greatest Indian ever, and it seems only fitting that he find his way on the list. (He had a little more help though.) Feller’s number 19 was retired by the Indians in 1957. He played 21 years for the Tribe, winning 266 games. Had it not been for his military service, Feller would certainly have been a 300 game winner. [Read more...]

Cleveland Sports: By The Numbers – #32

What is the greatest uniform number in Cleveland sports history? A number significant to more than just one of the three pro franchises? Today the fourth part of the week long series…

jim-brownThe second best number in Cleveland sports history is #32. Much like yesterday and number 23, today’s number is primarily carried by one superstar. Cleveland’s Jim Brown was easily the best player of his generation. When he retired his name was on more records than Elvis. (I’ll be here all week…) Think about this- he averaged 5.2 yards per carry for his entire career. That is the best for any RB with more than 500 carries. He still ranks 8th in total rushing yards and is the only player in the top ten that averaged more than 100 yards per game.

He holds team records for every conceivable rushing category and ranks 4th (behind 3 kickers) in total scoring. Brown accounted for 126 touchdowns in his career. He was the anchor of the offense during the last Cleveland championship in 1964. There really is no question why his number is on this list, so let’s see what help he gets from the other teams. [Read more...]

Cleveland Sports: By The Numbers -#23

What is the greatest uniform number in Cleveland sports history? A number significant to more than just one of the three pro franchises? Today the third part of the week long series…


Some might argue that LeBron is all you need for this number to make the list. In my mind however, one transcendent player wouldn’t be enough. In all honesty, I didn’t expect #23 to make the cut. There simply are no relevant Browns for this list. None. Devin Bush territory. Given that, I didn’t expect #23 would get more than an honorable mention.

But let’s start the list with the obvious [Read more...]

Cleveland Sports: By The Numbers – #42

What is the greatest uniform number in Cleveland sports history? A number significant to more than just one of the three pro franchises? Today the second part of the week long series…

I appreciate the comments from yesterday’s selection. In case you missed it, I awarded 5th place on the list to the number 21, and gave away some honorable mentions. Before we get to today’s number I want to address a couple things. First, being a former football player I completely agree that at least half the numbers used have no shot of making the list. Not many baseball/basketball players reach past 50 for their jersey choice. Also, being a lineman I think it stinks that the glory position players get recognized again. What can you do? Also, I was surprised to see the number of people clamoring for #25 to be included in the top 5. While several thought #25 should be included, nobody said it should be ahead of #21. Makes me feel better about the selections. The toughest omission in my book was #14. Moving on to today’s number- #42. [Read more...]

Cleveland Sports: By The Numbers – #21


The hottest selling jersey in Cleveland right now is a Cavs #33. Shaq hasn’t worn the jersey for much more than a photo shoot, but already may be the best #33 in Cavalier history. I started thinking about Cleveland jersey numbers and wondered what the greatest number was in Cleveland sports? It would have to be a number that reaches across the three major sports in my mind to be the top. So I did a little digging and decided to give you the top 5. You’ll get one a day this week. Today we start with the fifth best number in Cleveland sports- #21.

There are better individual players out there, but few jersey numbers might actually represent Cleveland  sports history quite like the #21. It all starts with the Indians’ Hall of Famer from years gone by- Bob Lemon. [Read more...]

Martinez the Next To Go

There is a white flag climbing the flagpole at Regressive Field. Mark Shapiro is willing to trade anything not nailed down. It is only a matter of days (or hours) before Victor Martinez becomes the latest to go. There is  a chorus of boos coming from the Tribe faithful, but perhaps most frightening is the apathy that is washing over the city.

Can you blame them? The writing is on the wall. DeRosa. Betancourt. Garko. Lee. Millions and millions of dollars cut from next year’s payroll. Despite his reported desire to stay with the team past next season, Victor and his 7 million dollar 2010 contract won’t make it to September in a Tribe uniform. It is a fact we will have to embrace, and so I have a proposal. [Read more...]