April 23, 2014

ESPN Cleveland leaves communication vacuum in wake of major changes

ESPN ClevelandYesterday afternoon ESPN Cleveland WKNR made waves across Cleveland by mysteriously axing talent. Will Burge, T.J. Zuppe, Kenny Roda and (maybe) Michael Reghi1 were all told something about a “different direction” and mostly left wondering where that destination was and why it didn’t include them. Meanwhile, it has been all quiet from the station as nobody else seems to know that destination either. Therein lies the problem as I see it today.

Going in a new direction and changing your lineup and making tough choices about programming are part of the job of running a media property. Burge, Zuppe and Roda seem to get that as they certainly didn’t come out with blowtorches trying to publicly burn down their former bosses. I’m sure they weren’t enthused of course, but this is the game and they’ve seen it play out before. I don’t begrudge any company for making choices; even unpopular ones. The problem occurs when those decisions are made and there is a massive communication vacuum between the media company and the audience as people talk and talk and talk. I’ve said it many times before and I get a chance to say it yet again. You’re better off talking to the world rather than allowing the world to just talk about you. [Read more...]



  1. Rizzo was talking about the moves this morning and he didn’t mention Reghi at all. We at least have to assume the show he co-hosted with Roda is over. []