August 26, 2014

While We’re Waiting… Chisenhall’s Spot, Ferrell for All-Star and Misfit Cavaliers

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“If the Indians stick with their four man bench setup like in years past (12 pitchers, 13 position players), then barring injury the bench looks close to being set right now with catcher Lou Marson, infielder Jason Donald, outfielder/first baseman Shelley Duncan all but guaranteed spots. The fourth and final spot could be filled with Hannahan or Chisenhall so the Indians can carry both players, but the Indians will probably need that final spot on the bench for another right-handed bat like Aaron Cunningham, Ryan Spilborghs, or maybe even Jose Lopez.

So the true battle that involves Chisenhall this spring comes down to the Indians making the best decision on what to do with the 25th spot on the roster. Do they just do what they have in the past and stay with the 12-man pitching staff and just option Chisenhall to Columbus? This looks like the most ideal scenario. The only chance he may have to make the team is if they decide to have more flexibility with the lineup and only have 11 pitchers, thus creating another bench opening for someone like Hannahan since Chisenhall would be the regular third baseman if he is with the team.

You hate to send Chisenhall to the minors to open the season, but it may be what is best for the team in the short term. The pitching staff really trusts Hannahan over at third base, and Chisenhall is still adjusting to the big leagues. His defense and hitting both could use a little more polish in the minors, and he still does have all three of his options left.” [Tony/Indians Prospect Insider] [Read more...]

Video: Will Ferrell Confirms Carlos Boozer Still Lives with his Mother

Comedic actor Will Ferrell was in New Orleans last night to introduce the Hornets and Bulls on what was dubbed “80′s night.” Coincidentally, the former Saturday Night Live cast member shed some light on the personal lives of those involved. Give it a listen.

Thanksgiving Kicks Off Holiday Movie Season

One of the things I am most thankful for at Thanksgiving is knowing that I get all those holiday movies back in my life.  I don’t know if it is because of the Christmas holiday itself or whether the movies are really just more enjoyable, but there are a lot of awesome Holiday movies.

No, I’m not talking about Jingle All the Way.  No, I’m not talking about Michael Keaton as a snow man in Jack Frost.  I don’t know anyone who has actually watched Surviving Christmas where Tony Soprano battles Ben Affleck. And speaking of Affleck, I will gladly watch Reindeer Games, but I don’t really consider it a Christmas movie.

For me, it means Home Alone and Elf as more typical holiday movies.  For the more atypical movies I get Gremlins which holds up surprisingly well considering its lack of great special effects.  And totally off the beaten path I have one of the last movies that I really liked Nic Cage with The Family Man.   [Read more...]