2015 NFL Draft Gameplan for the Browns: Don’t trade up for Marcus Mariota

Cleveland Browns GM Ray Farmer

It’s NFL draft week, Cleveland Browns fans. It’s one of the weirdest and quietest pre-draft periods I can remember. Maybe it’s the Cavaliers being back in the NBA Playoffs with LeBron James at the helm, or maybe it’s the hangover from so many tough first rounds over the past decade. Whatever it is, I don’t

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Indians Series Summary No. 6: Are we there yet? No, dear, be patient

Cleveland Indians Detroit Tigers

Friday night’s 13-1 blowout win over the Detroit Tigers by the Cleveland Indians had some of us wondering if it was, finally, the great awakening of the offense. But, alas, no—we’re not there yet. On Saturday, the Indians returned to moribund run production and lost 4-1. Then on Sunday, Detroit’s 8-6 victory featured more of

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Cavs sweep amid Love-less disaster: Cavs vs. Celtics Game 4 Behind the Box Score

BTBS playoffs

In their first playoff series in five years, the Cleveland Cavaliers emerged victorious, sweeping the Boston Celtics on Sunday afternoon in Boston by virtue of a 101-93 victory. However, to get that fourth win and punch their ticket to the East semifinals, they paid dearly. With the first quarter injury to Kevin Love as well

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The Playoffs Will Set Kevin Love Free

Kevin Love Cleveland Cavaliers

For much of the 2014-2015 NBA season, I felt like Kevin Love’s dad. No, I wasn’t stuffing notes into his brown bag lunch that read “Packed you Gushers today, kiddo!” or consoling him after whiffing on a penalty kick during community soccer, but I was concerned about him in a way that felt paternal. Maybe

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