The Day “The Diff” Didn’t Die

Cleveland Cavaliers Scoreboard The Diff

In addition to countless other items, the Cleveland Cavaliers are unveiling the Humongotron this Thursday night. The gargantuan, curved, high-definition, flame-throwing scoreboard that Cavs fans have been waiting anxiously to see will finally have the curtains drawn back. But one item was of chief concern amidst all of the potential for singed eyebrows and scintillated retinas:


Cleveland Browns vs. Oakland Raiders: Behind the Box Score

Cleveland Browns Ben Tate Andrew Hawkins

The Cleveland Browns rebounded from their sleepwalk in Jacksonville to knock off the Raiders 23-13 at home on Sunday. The game was a bore through the first three quarters as the teams traded punts and field goals, but Brian Hoyer found Andrew Hawkins in the end zone late in the third quarter to wake up FirstEnergy Stadium and


Defending the Cleveland Browns against uniform cheap shots

Cleveland Browns

Last week, FOX sports national posted a Buzzfeed-style flipbook of the NFL uniforms, ranking them 32-1. I was shocked to see the Cleveland Browns come up first on that list at dead last, but then again, maybe I shouldn’t be all that surprised. The Browns have had their critics in the new era of “everybody