Ball Played: Indians continue Cleveland celebration

Jason Miller / Getty Images

The Cleveland Indians missed a fantastic opportunity on Tuesday night as fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers spilled out from Quicken Loans Arena in pure jubilation to chaotically celebrate the Cavs punching their NBA Finals ticket for the first time since 2007. Many of those fans found their way to the gates of Progressive Field. Michael

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Where LeBron’s amazing happens

“What you did for this team and for this city coming back the way that you did … thanks for all that you do,” said Cleveland Cavaliers head coach David Blatt to LeBron James late in his team’s Game 4 series-clinching victory over the Atlanta Hawks. I don’t know about you, but I would have said the

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Why wasn’t Dwight Howard suspended for shot to Bogut?

J.R. Smith Crowder Shot

Dwight Howard has nothing to do with Cleveland sports and due to the fact that his team, the Houston Rockets, trails Golden State 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals, he probably won’t for this season. That said, Dwight Howard was involved in a play against Andrew Bogut that was eerily similar to the one that

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Ball Played: Indians cannot hang on by their fingernails in loss

Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Going into Tuesday night’s game against the Texas Rangers, it had been mentioned but not truly quantified that the Cleveland Indians offense has been much improved during the month of May. Much of the offensive improvement is rightfully attributed to the outstanding month of Jason Kipnis, but the overall team statistics have risen more than

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